Taylor Swift reveals details about new album

12.02.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

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So which famous boys should start quaking in their boots now? Taylor Swift”s “Speak Now” is still thriving at radio and retail, but the country superstar, whose song lyrics take direct aim at the men who have wronged her, is already looking ahead to her fourth studio album.

Swift, who received three Grammy nominations on Wednesday, tells Billboard.com that she has already written 25 songs for possible inclusion in the new set, which should be ready by next Christmas. That puts her far ahead of where she was a year out from “Speak Now”s release.”

“During the first year of writing the ‘Speak Now’ album, I was really writing songs that didn’t end up on the record because I didn’t know what the record was going to be,” she told Billboard, who named her Woman of the Year in a ceremony held this morning in New York. “Once I kind of locked into what the record was going to be, in the second year I wrote the songs that I was most proud of, like ‘Back to December’ and ‘Mean’ and the first single, ‘Mine,’ and a song called ‘Ours.'”

Unlike “Speak Now,” which she wrote by herself, she has written two songs for the new set with co-writers. “Co-writing is so much fun when you have time to schedule it in, but for me, usually songs hit me in the middle of the night and I end up writing it before dawn, so there’s no time to call somebody. When there is time and you can get in a room and talk it out and work it out with somebody, it’s like the coolest form of therapy.”

The video for current single “Ours” debuts later today on E!


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