Watch: ‘Ted’ star Mila Kunis talks teddy bear roommates and reuniting with Seth MacFarlane

06.28.12 5 years ago
In the new Seth MacFarlane comedy “Ted,” viewers are expected to believe that a 30-something pothead (Mark Wahlberg) would be co-dependent best buddies with a crude and coarse talking teddy bear.
That’s actually fairly plausible.
“Ted” also asks viewers to believe that our hero would be able to sustain a four-year relationship with a gorgeous, smart and successful woman (Mila Kunis), who’s even willing to share her bed with the teddy bear in the event of thunderstorms. 
That’s where my willing suspension of disbelief suffered, but when we sat down at the “Ted” press junket, Kunis attempted to reassure me that there was nothing at all strange about this odd menage a deux-et-demi. 
While “Ted” may have a strange premise, with its talking stuffed animal and related hijinks, it’s also familiar territory for Kunis. The 28-year-old actress has worked with MacFarlane for years on “Family Guy,” while she and Wahlberg have worked together previously in “Date Night” and “Max Payne.”
In addition to debating the realism of the central relationship, Kunis and I also discussed the challenges of working with Ted and how well MacFarlane adapted to feature direction.
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“Ted” opens on Friday, June 29.

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