Tell us what you thought of ’21 Jump Street’

03.17.12 5 years ago 21 Comments

Columbia Pictures

 Well, who’d’a thunk it? The 1980s TV reboot that absolutely no one asked for has rather taken critics by surprise — crass and rough-edged as it is, the sheer unapologetic silliness of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s film has charmed everyone from Ebert to A.O. Scott. I am also in the fan club, having particularly appreciated its generational flip on the teen-movie formula — and the delightful performance of Channing Tatum. Our HitFix neighbor Drew McWeeny is even more enamored, going so far as to give it an A+ rating. Early box-office numbers suggest audiences are with the critics for once, but what about you? When/if you’ve seen it, don’t forget to give us your take.  

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