Tell us what you thought of ‘Fury’

10.17.14 3 years ago 12 Comments

David Ayer's World War II actioner “Fury” with Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman and Shia LaBeouf has arrived in theaters nationwide. The film enters the awards season without bothering with a festival bow (aside from this weekend's post-release closing night London Film Festival slot). It might be an Oscar contender at the end of the day, it might not, but surely Sony is mostly concerned with finding some box office capital before worrying too much about that.

I liked the film quite a bit. It's a sort of shaggy dog, but it's a bold entry in the genre and I really took to the story of a family of dudes stuck together in a tank. It has some interesting ideas (the opening scene is a great intro, and an often-discussed breakfast scene is pretty outstanding), and it doesn't shy away from violent depictions. The latter might make or break it with audiences, but we'll have to see.

So tell us what you thought if you make it out to the theater this weekend. Is the violence too much? Is it fresh material in the genre or too familiar? What did you think of the various performances? Have your say in the comments section below and feel free to vote in our poll.

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