Tell us what you thought of ‘Godzilla’

05.16.14 3 years ago 25 Comments

I don't know what else I could possibly say about “Godzilla” at this point. I dig it, and I hope you do, too. The reviews have been interesting, split in some ways, though lots of concessions are made for the other side on both the pro and con sides of the argument. It'll just boil down to what you're hoping to get out of this film and, like me, if you were hoping for something that eschewed the bait of itself and tried to elevate the genre and the summer blockbuster in general, however slightly, then you'll probably be satisfied. If you're looking for something more bubble gum, maybe you'll be let down.

I think the film negotiates that line well, and I think Gareth Edwards has made a case to play with the big boys. He and his work deserve to be rewarded with some big budget office dollars, so…fingers crossed. But enough about what I think. What do YOU think. I'm genuinely curious as the reactions have really just been all over the place. So if you make it to the theater to see it this weekend, head on back here with your thoughts and feel free to vote in our poll below.

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