The 7 flawless Kylie Minogue moments you haven’t appreciated enough

05.28.15 2 years ago

Look: It's international pop star and onetime Aussie soap goddess Kylie Minogue's 47th birthday. She is a flawless thing who wears catsuits and couture better than anyone else in our hemisphere. Do you understand that? Do you appreciate that? Please start. 

Let's celebrate her birthday with a collection of her seven most flawless moments. Put on your favorite “Locomotion” remix and get into these videos. 

1. Her superspy intrigue in the “Timebomb” video

2. Her gold shorts in the “Spinning Around” video

3. She toasted Madonna with her take on the “Vogue” rap

4. That time she took a bizarre role in the bizarre movie “Holy Motors”

5. That time she tolerated Jean Claude Van Damme's weird speech in “Street Fighter.” Go Cammy!

6. She literally stopped traffic in “Red-Blooded Woman”

7. How she strutted through Michel Gondry's perfect “Come Into My World” video

Happy birthday to the saucy Aussie herself. Here's to another 47+ years of flirty poppy glamor. 

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