The Afternoon Read (1.8.09)

01.08.09 9 years ago

Another late start today.  This chest cold is whipping my ass something fierce right now, and I’ve got to beat it before I get to Sundance.  Being sick sucks, but being sick at Sundance is like Hell.

So what’s going on out there this afternoon?  I mean, aside from Lloyd Levin’s awesome open letter about “Watchmen.”

Quint’s almost done with AMAD over at AICN, and “California Suite” is his next-to-last entry in the column.

Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen online today is over at Twitchfilm, where Todd posted a photo gallery for the new Jeunet film, “Micmacs A Tire-Larigot,” which is evidently French slang that roughly translates to “a shitload of trouble.”  He’s also got the first details I’ve heard on the film.  I’m a huge fan of “City Of Lost Children” and “Amelie,” so I’m excited to hear that this one’s done and we may even see it this year.

I can’t help but wonder if Devin at CHUD is right about this:  does anyone care about “Tintin”?

I must admit that so far, I’m not impressed by Big Hollywood, the new conservative Hollywood site, and it has nothing to do with my personal politics, which I do my best to keep out of all discussions about movies.  Instead, it has to do with the idea that the site appears to be badly written and plays into the lie that everyone in Hollywood is pushing some agenda that we all agreed upon.  That’s just not true, and John Rogers (one of the producers of the new show “Leverage”) just posted a fantastic blog entry that sort of shreds that lie.  Check out how he takes down BigHollywood and the conservative crybaby campaign, and then try to guess just how they’ll respond to him.  Should be fascinating.

/Film has the heads-up on a new viral “Watchmen” site.

And finally, this has nothing to do with movies, but it is awesome.

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