The definitive web series about infuriating white people

12.02.15 2 years ago

Behold “Everyone's Crazy But Us,” a new web series about Pinot-chugging parents (Diedrich Bader and Janet Varney) who can't understand why they're the only normal couple on the block. Part of the problem is they're drunk.

The series, written and directed by Christy Stratton, feels like a more honest and scathing episode of “Modern Family.” This time the familial incompetence isn't endearing so much as it's obvious and hair-raising. And, to borrow the greatest phrase from late '90s movie marketing, wickedly funny.

The guest-stars are also fantastic: Enjoy Keegan-Michael Key as a nervous helicopter parent, Kate Walsh as a non-fan of citrus hand soap, and Guy Branum as a wry commentator on the art of event planning. 

We've seen a few shows about difficult people (namely, Hulu's “Difficult People”) but I like how “Everyone's Crazy But Us” isn't straining to make us hate its buffoonish characters. It's finding different notes of lunacy, misinformation, and — scariest of all — sincerity to endear us. It's an indictment of bourgeois self-absorption that has all the lightness and whiteness of a white wine spritzer. Let's glug it in front of the kids. 

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