The Enchantress costume from ‘Suicide Squad’ is sexist…and worse? Inaccurate.


Earlier today, Empire Magazine had the privilege of revealing the Joker”s final look for “Suicide Squad.” They also simultaneously released a second cover, this one allegedly of Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

I say allegedly because Delevingne”s costume looks like Hutt-Slayer Leia”s metal bikini had a Pig-Pen baby with Red Sonja”s metal bikini. The result is a highly sexualized look that would be at home on any character named Barbarian Princess #3.

And precisely nothing like DC”s Enchantress.

Image Credit: Empire Magazine

I could talk about how dressing Enchantress like this is problematic in that now most of the women in “Suicide Squad” are overtly sexualized. Even Katana doesn”t escape unscathed, her midriff revealed in lieu of her body armor. I could discuss at length how equating sorceresses/witchcraft with sexuality is a hallmark of western society “othering” different cultures. I could mention that even Cara Delevingne has gone on record saying that female superheroes dressed in bikinis is sexist. But instead I”m going to simply ask a question…

What was wrong with Enchantress” comic book looks? You know, the ones with pants.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Both of these looks are still sexy yet manage to be practical. Surely there could be a way to make either outfit “gritty” enough for the tone of the DC Movie Universe. Or maybe something a little more vintage? Throw caution to the wind and give Enchantress a jaunty hat!

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Whether by accident or design, “Suicide Squad” has sent a very clear message with Enchantress” look: ladies are eye candy. Her outfit isn”t a throwback to comic book canon and serves no historical purpose. Dressing the men in fully clothing while the women are half-naked? Passive sexism is still sexism.

“Suicide Squad” arrives in theaters on August 5, 2016.

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