The Fembots of Austin Powers: Where Are They Now?

04.28.15 2 years ago

Designed to seduce and destroy, it is no wonder that the Austin Powers Fembots were played by some of the most universally (albeit generically) stunning women ever. It also should come as no surprise that these women did not go on to cure cancer or write the next great American novel. But hey, that doesn”t mean they”re not worthy of our attention. Here is a current look at The Real Fembots of Austin Powers:

1. Cheryl Bartel

After her role in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Cheryl seems to have checked out of the acting business. She did have a role in 2002 German thriller Passion and Romance: Strange Desire. As for what took her away from acting? Honestly, the world may never know.

2. Cindy Margolis

Since playing a smoking-hot Fembot, Cindy has had roles in critically acclaimed hits such as Biker Mice From Mars and Shasta McNasty, but I am personally most excited for her upcoming role in Sharknado 3: Oh, Hell No!

3. Donna W. Scott

This Fembot has gotten her animatronic claws in all kinds of work since her Austin Powers role in 1997. She”s appeared on CSI, South of Nowhere, and 3Way, which apparently was a TV show in 2008. She had roles in Maneater, Water For Elephants, and Any Day Now. Most recently (and impressively), she played Mara Stokes on an episode of The Good Wife. Last but not least, she returned to her man-destroying roots in 2012 TV Series Femme Fatale.

4. Barbara Ann Moore

I can”t exactly figure out what miss Moore”s career is, but judging from her IMDB credits I would venture to guess that she is a professional “girl with nice body.” Her credits include: Champagne Glass Model, Casino Dealer, Snow Cone Girl, Showgirl, Fembot, and now, coming up in 2015, she will play Hot Mama in a spoof of the Taken series, entitled Tooken.

5. Cynthia LaMontagne

 Out of all the fembots, this one hands-down wins the cool career contest. Since Austin Powers she”s acted in everything from Dharma & Greg to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She played Rhonda in five episodes of That 70s Show and Annie on Frasier. Most importantly, however, she played the Female Bartender in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and I think she should be proud of that performance.

Look, not everyone can be Angelina Jolie. Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and take the role in Tooken. What matters is not that it requires zero talent to play a fembot, but that these actresses are happy in their lives. Sadly, I don”t know any of them and therefore can”t tell you if they”re happy or not. But, let us pray. 

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