The Jesus and Mary Chain reissuing all six studio albums

08.29.11 6 years ago

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There doesn’t seem to be a new album on the way from reunited Jesus and Mary Chain (yet), but while you hold your breath, there’s some new reissues.

In fact, all six of the Scottish noise-pop band’s studio sets are getting a 2-disc and DVD facelift. “Psychocandy” (1985) and “Darklands” (1987) will drop on Sept. 19; “Automatic” (1989) and “Honey’s Dead” (1992) are due Sept. 26; and “Stoned & Dethroned” (1994) and “Munki” (1998) will be released on Oct. 3.

In conjunction with the Demon Music Group, the band has posted a 3D “tour” of the releases via their newly revamped Facebook page. Check out the module below… each album preview includes the tracklisting. For instance, the “Honey’s Dead” set includes the original album, the “Rollercoaster” EP, an outtake of “Why’d You Want Me,” live tracks from Sheffield Arena, interviews and B-Sides. The DVD features promotional videos and the band’s TV appearances from the era. Just, oh my, bliss out, give your shoes a good long gaze.

If you shake your fist in damnation of this damned new technology, head to the DMG website instead for tracklisting details.

What I love about this is that each album looks like it got a comprehensive shake-down for new content. And I like that all will be available by Christmas. What I don’t like is that the band has already done this before: back in 2006, they reissued five of the six (sans “Munki”) through less-thorough Rhino. Consumers get a bit of a shake-down now, too.

But the interactive preview could possible turn on more new fans, more than those who were lucky enough to attend the band’s reunion stop at Coachella in 2007.

Current personnel of The Jesus and Mary Chain is listed as founders Jim Reid and William Reid, plus Loz Colbert, Mark Crozer and Phil King.

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