‘The Little Couple’: As Jen improves, it’s time for some outdoor fun

05.06.14 4 years ago

This week's episode may just look like an adorable visit to the playground for “The Little Couple” (airing Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC) but fans of the show know otherwise. As Will explains, the family has been staying indoors for the past few weeks in order to keep Jen safe from infection as she recovers from cancer treatment. This simple outing represents an important step forward for the family. For Will, the show (and this clip) represents a chance to learn about sharing, but that's another issue. And while this isn't on the show, Jen tweeted something very sweet this week, so look for that after the jump. 

The show isn't all about Jen's health this week, though. First, Will has his weekly speech therapy, while Zoey gets some basic health screenings. Then, it's back to Jen, whose doctor prescribes physical therapy to improve her strength. Bill appears on a cable access TV show to discuss the ways he”s overcome the obstacles he faced growing up as well as his desire to make the world a less challenging place for his children. Then it”s Jen”s turn to improve her strength and endurance.  After losing so much energy as a chemotherapy patient, Jen”s doctor prescribes a course of physical therapy sessions and exercises she can do at home. Once all the poking and prodding is done, the family heads out to the playground. 

And in other news, Jen tweeted that Bill surprised her with a vow renewal!


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