The Morning Read (1.05.09)

01.05.09 9 years ago

So here we are.  New Year.  Guess, uh… guess we’ve got robot butlers and moon colonies now?  No?  Everything’s exactly the same?

Well, then, back to it.

Thank God.  Harry is still on Facebook.

He also put up a list of his ten favorite BluRay releases in 2008. Based on the set-up he has, he may actually be in a position to judge.  One day, I shall have a Film Laboratory behind my house, where I go to watch the absolute best presentation possible of a film.  Until then, I seethe when I think how nice Harry’s lair is.  I’m sure all ten of these discs rock the foundations.

Quint’s had a good couple of days with AMAD, with “The Goodbye Girl” and “The Prisoner Of Second Avenue.  I’m sad he’s folding the column soon, but I’ve heard rumor he’s got good reason to wrap it up, and as long as he’s busy, good for him.

I hope you read the saga of Jeff Wells and the emotionally vivid cowboy hat.  Because it was worth a read.

I can’t believe Devin at CHUD is keeping up with his STAR TREK series.  If he pulls it off, it’s a Nerd Monument, and I will buy him many beers.

Pete over at /Film posted a great video of the fight choreography on “Ninja Assassin”.

David Poland published a lovely piece by Mark Wheaton (aka “Smilin’ Jack Ruby aka The Sexiest Man On The Internet) about the real life figure who may be the most direct inspiration for the character of Daisy in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  Pretty great stuff.

“There are numerous dancers who can lay claim to the title of ‘Balanchine’s muse’…”

Relativity buying Rogue is an interesting thing.  It makes them an unproven new buyer looking to establish an identity, and that could make them a very exciting place to work.

Other than that, Variety’s a ghost town this morning.  Same at the Reporter.  It’s like everyone’s still holding their breath before Sundance.

Todd over at has the first images from Chan Wook Park’s “Thirst” that I’ve seen, his vampire movie.  Verrrrrry exciting to see him at work again, to realize that’s actually coming finally.

Roger Ebert put up a good piece about the way the press loves to build up and tear down movie stars.

“This is another example of shabby journalism separating a victim from the pack and creating scandal so it can be covered. The Reuters story is not attributed, is not fair, is misleading, and doesn’t belong in a newspaper, on TV or on the web. Those are some of the reasons it got wide play.”

This next one’s for the horror nerds only.

Did you see the sculpt for the new Michael Myers mask?

Xeni Jardin at Boing! Boing! finally caught up with “Waltz With Bashir,” and she sort of flipped her shit for it a bit.  I agree with her about what a powerful experience the film is.  It’s a very unusual approach to documentary that I think ends up being quite truthful.

Amid at Cartoon Brew has put together a phenomenal look at the year ahead in animation books, and it’s worth a browse.

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