The Morning Read (12.23.08)

12.23.08 9 years ago

Hi, again.  Hope you guys enjoyed your first day of HitFix.  We have hundreds and hundreds of code elves who live inside the powerful HitFix supercomputer working hard to make sure that we hammer out all the kinks in the weeks ahead, so the design and the functionality is only going to keep getting better from here.

It’s a slow week online.  It’s Christmas week, for goshsakes.  Finding stuff worth reading is a little tricky.  Both of the trades come up empty again today, unsurprisingly.  Over at Ain’t It Cool, Quint’s AMAD is “Moontide,” and as I chatted with him earlier tonight, he lusted mightily for Ida Lupino.

“I told the guy yes.  I told the guy no.  I told the guy yes.  I told the guy no…”

There’s also a new test-screening review for “Observe & Report”, the upcoming Jody Hill movie starring Seth Rogen.  I’ve seen a chunk of this film, and all I can say is that it looks seriously disturbed.  In the best possible way.  Diseased.  Unrelenting.  “Taxi Driver” if Travis Bickle was even less together.  I can’t wait.

“Don’t stop, motherfucker!”

At Cartoon Brew, Amid ran a link to a CGI-animated Christmas card by a company called Mad Crew.  Fittingly, their creation is called “Mad Santa,” and it really is worth a look.

They also ran a great little viral commercial for a CGI house called AHD Imaging, and it’s a lovely piece of work in its own right, besides being a great demo reel.

“Give this robot a Happy Christmas.”

Over at the great Trailers From Hell, the Grindhouse Gurus are taking a week off and instead of exploitation trailers with commentary, they’ve posted a rare 1964 short film called “The Hangman”.

“Then he laid his hand… upon my hand.”

Great creepy little short, and nothing I’d ever seen before.  I love that site, and don’t be surprised if they make regular appearances here on The Morning Read.

I’m going to cut it short again this morning because there’s just so little out there that seems worth reading, and I’ll leave you with a video that I’ve now had forwarded to me 39070787973 times in one day, and for good reason.  This not only roasts this nostalgia for ’80s children’s programming garbage, but also the way blockbusters can be rigged out of any source material, no matter how weak, just by pumping it all up to absurd levels.

Yes… it’s THUNDERCATS: THE MOVIE, the trailer.

Have a great morning.

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