The Morning Read (12.24.08)

12.24.08 9 years ago

This is the last Morning Read until Monday Dec. 29th, so I can enjoy a little holiday time with the family, but when I find something worth posting, I’ll put it up on its own, so there will still be plenty of content worth reading over the next few days.

One thing you’ll see is my top ten list for 2008.  This year, the rules were simple.  Anything I saw before today, when I start working on the list, was eligible.  If it hasn’t come out for a theatrical run yet, it’s still something I saw theatrically at some festival this year.  So for me, it’s my list of the ten films that I think were most important for me as a viewer this year.

There’s one very big title that a lot of people seem to like that I haven’t seen yet, but it’s here in my house right now, and I need to see it, I suppose.  To be fair.

So that’s what I’m doing after I finish reading what’s brewing online.

The first stop for me today is a relaunch that is genuinely surprising and exciting.  I think I sort of knew something like this was in the works, but I didn’t know when, or what specifically was going to be online.  Turns out, Patrick Sauriol has set sail with Corona’s Coming Attractions 2.0.

I’m eager to take a look around it.  I signed up for an account earlier, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet at all.

Wow.  It really does look like Corona, sort of.  It works like Corona probably would work at this point, but obviously it’s nowhere near as dense as the original was.  If Patrick does get his archives back online as he says he plans to, it’s going to be a treasure trove of internet history and development secrets long since forgotten.  Fun stuff.  I hope people use Patrick’s site like the rumor repository it once was, and I hope that it’s eventually just as dense and fun to dig into.

Over at Shock Till You Drop, Ryan Rotten posted a very respectable list of the ten films he’s most looking forward to in 2008.

“3D faces of death! Nuff said.”

I think Devin from CHUD is at his absolute funniest when he is irritated by someone else online, and that’s true this morning with his story about how “Star Wars” is not a musical.

“To the people who ran this:  you are stupid.”

He also wrote a pretty great piece about snuff films as a subgenre of exploitation, part of an ongoing series of his.  Very worthwhile stuff.

“Horrified, and apparently unaware of what a movie looks like, Sheen thought that he had seen a snuff film and reported it to the proper authorities.”

I finally got around to reading Glenn Kenney’s magnificent goodbye to Robert Mulligan, and it’s a visual pleasure as well as a shrewd analysis of what this director really had to offer.

“If the career of Robert Mulligan, who died yesterday at age 83, could be summed up in a motto,that motto might be ‘Integrity Through Mise-en-scene.'”

Indiewire put out the results of a poll of more than 100 film critics in North America, and “Flight Of The Red Balloon” is their top film of the year based on the aggregate scores.  That’s in my player right now, along with “Slumdog Millionaire.”  Sounds like I need to see both.

“Traveling home on the train with the Chinese puppetmaster in ‘Flight of the Red Balloon,’ Juliette Binoche offers him a treasured postcard, and all the pain in the world falls away.”

If you ask me, Sketchfest sounds like the other coolest thing happening in January.  This schedule, culminating with the State reunion, is incredible.

Over at, two new trailers caught my eye.

I lovelovelovelove this trailer for Shane Acker’s “9”:

And I’m intrigued by this one for “State Of Play” with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck.  I’ve seen the British series this is based on, and I’m not really sure it can be improved upon by this version.  Still, it’s a pretty confident trailer, don’t you think?

And on the off chance you haven’t seen Acker’s original short film “9” which inspired the feature, Trailer Addict even put that up for you, and as you enjoy all 10 minutes of it, I’ll sign off for this Christmas Eve morning, and I’ll see you guys on Monday.

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