The Morning Read (2.04.09)

02.04.09 9 years ago


Good morning.  I’ve got two screenings today (one’s for a 3D IMAX film I’m seeing with Toshi called “Under the Seas,” and the other is for “Push”), so if I’m going to be productive at all, we’re going to need to get right to it.

I had a meeting yesterday over at Original Films, whose “Green Hornet” project I reported on a few times last week.  Considering the controversy those posts kicked up, it was a little awkward, but at least I can count on being remembered, right?  That’s half the trick when you’re taking meetings, and the other half is remembering who you meet.  John August wrote a good piece about the issue.

For everyone who tells you that the system works a certain way and you can only get a movie made if you go through the “right channels,” there is going to be someone else whose personal story totally disproves that idea.  Case in point.

I love this industry.  Obviously I depend on this industry.  But, guys, come on… we don’t need a government bailout.  Let’s save that for industries that are actually in collapse, okay?

This is both insane and awesome.

Damn, I wish I’d been able to go to Sketchfest this year.  That reunion of The State sounds amazing.  I guess I can always console myself by reading the AV Club’s interview with The State instead, but it’s not the same, is it?

I find myself profoundly disturbed by the SNL/Pepsi commercials that were so similar to actual SNL sketches that people didn’t realize they were real commercials when they aired.  Even when one of them was reshown during the Super Bowl, people still weren’t sure what was what, and I’m talking about outlets like Mediabistro, whose business is writing about advertising.  We are entering an age where our infotainment is so blurry, so compromised by advertising, that we might just as well accept that we are being sold to 24/7/365 by anything we watch.  It’s a gross new world out there, folks.

Are you excited about HBO’s new series “East Bound And Down”?  You should be.  Here are a few vague reasons why.

Over at Shooting Down Pictures, one of the best ongoing reads online right now, Kevin writes about “Heimat,” a German television film I’m not familiar with.  Or wasn’t, rather, until this piece.

Meanwhile, this piece on “Love On The Ground” makes me want to see the film ASAP.

Greencine’s pick of “Days and Clouds” as their DVD of the week intrigues me, and I love what Film Movement does.  The idea of a subscription service that picks a DVD to send to you each month, distributing small and worthy films like a Fruit-Of-The-Month club… that’s an idea I can support.  It’s just one more different way to get films in front of a potential audience.

I knew someone was going to end up making the life story of H.M., the patient whose brain was studied for decades because of his inability to retain any new memories.  I’m glad it’s going to be Columbia and Scott Rudin.

I’m also glad to see Barry Levinson digging into some weighty material, since I would love nothing more than to really, really enjoy at least one more Barry Levinson film in my lifetime.

This deal makes a lot of sense.

Have you read Vern’s review for “Taken”?  You should.

It’s always been hard for women in Hollywood, but it seems like some women had it tougher than others.

And speaking of tough women, Carrie Fisher is all sorts of awesome.  And so is that story.

Finally, drop by Trailers From Hell, where George Hickenlooper tackles the great great great “Paper Moon.”

And enjoy your Wednesday.  I’ll be back later today.

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