TMR: Miyazaki’s ‘Ponyo’ poster online and new ‘Up’ clip on Hulu

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Welcome to The Morning Read.

As one of you pointed out in our comments section, The Morning Read took a torpedo last week.  Sorry about that.  It was the one thing that got squeezed.  The way it got squeezed led me to question how I can make this column a little more time-efficient than it is.  And I think the answer is that this isn’t meant as the one-stop catch all headline list.  We have a lot of good headline content on the site already, the simple raw feed news stories that people like to read.  This person got cast in this, this dude’s directing this thing part two, the comic book turned video game turned kabuki turned movie turned totally different comic book is being developed.  That’s the raw feed headline stuff that runs across the internet pretty much concurrently.  Even when someone breaks something, the result is a rash of headlines that repeat the break.  It’s the way things work.

Instead, this is where I want to set the tenor for whatever else I’m going to run during the day.  This is where I want to share the other stuff that is out there, the deeper content or the ridiculous, things that I think absolutely have to be read, or things that bother me.  Things that are fun.  I’m going to start dropping in Tweets I read and simply RT them as I would on Twitter. 

And I’m not going to take all damn day about it. 

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This is a blog.  I always forget I can update during the day about stories that are evolving.  I’m so used to doing headlines and news and feature-type articles for Ain’t It Cool, like the “Land Of The Lost” piece I just published this morning.  That’s a big piece.  That’s a lot of work.  That’s a lot of words.  And I think it’s worth it, that sort of piece.  That’s sort of the meat and potatoes of what I do.  But I notice that the blogs I check the most, the blogs I look at the most, are the blogs that give you a wide variety of things to read.  So I’m going to try to update more often, but maybe not pontificate over every story to the degree I’m normally inclined.

Which is all to say, expect the Morning Read to be shorter starting today.  I’ve been doing as many as 35 items in a column, every morning.  That’s sort of outrageous.  Expect that to be about 15 in the future, at the most.  More than that and it’s never actually a Morning Read.  And, yes, I know that today’s is not a Morning Read either, thanks to a meeting I had at Warner Bros, but I’ll get better about that, too.  It’s tough turning my entire biological clock around, but I’m doing it.

Over at Ain’t It Cool, the boys have been busy.  They’ve got the premiere of the US poster for Hayao Miyazaki’s new film “Ponyo.”  It’s a lovely simple image, and I really love the exclusive still they were also sent.  You can see a preview of it at the start of this article, but for the full thing, you’ll have to drop by AICN and see it there.

RT @GerryDuggan Anybody in Vacouver able to help this person out?

AICN’s also got the character poster premiere for a new “Inglourious Basterds” one-sheet featuring Aldo, Brad Pitt’s character, while the Tarantino Archives has the premiere of the poster featuring “The Bear Jew,” the character played by Eli Roth.  I still say that anyone who thinks that “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction” were radically different in spirit than “Death Proof” or “Kill Bill” has never understood Tarantino’s work, and I suspect I’m going to get reeeeeal tired of reading over and over in the months between now and August how people want Quentin to return to some imaginary filmmaking style that never existed.  He has always made movies that were drunk on other movies.  He has always been the equivalent of 50 DVDs stuck in a blender.  It’s just that people are aware of it now, and so they’ve decided that suddenly it’s not worthwhile.  Nonsense.

Hulu’s got an awesome new clip from “Up,” which I’m verrrrrrry close to finally seeing, and it’s one of the scenes we saw at Butt-Numb-A-Thon in December.  It’s the moment where they realize that Dugg the dog can “speak” with the help of his special collar.  Important turning point in the movie, and… SQUIRREL!

Okay, already.  Guys, film critics aren’t the enemy, and geeks aren’t ruining movies and you don’t have to get angry just because of a letter grade at the end of a review. You know what is ruining Hollywood?  Corporate-level fear and decisions made entirely out of a desire to chase the safe.  That’s it.  You can’t blame every miserable trend in filmmaking on the audience… they go to see what’s available, and right now, if all you’re giving them are prequels and remakes and reboots, then that’s what they’ll go see.  People love movies in general, and they’ll always find things to see, even if Hollywood is in the middle of a tidal wave of crap these days.

Roger Ebert is such a magnet for positive energy these days.  Rod Lurie just published a tremendous piece about his time at Ebertfest, and it’s a great portrait of this funny, generous, wonderful guy.  His own writing about his life and his memories continues to knock me flat several times a week.

Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler, has been involved in the world of film financing for a while now, and she wrote an interesting piece today about why she likes working with first-time directors.

Kim Morgan’s interview with James Toback is a sensational read, and it makes me ashamed that I haven’t made time yet for “Tyson,” his documentary on the disgraced boxer which is now playing.

Oh, come on, McG… you just got to the Future War.  Why would you want to drag the entire series into a time-travel paradox sinkhole?

I’ll be back over the rest of the afternoon with a few other pieces, including the latest Motion/Captured Must-See, but until then, I’ll leave you with something that’s going to help me make it through my Monday.

Oh.  My.

The Morning Read appears here every day, Monday through Friday.  Except when it doesn’t.

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