TMR: Robert Downey Jr. suits up as Iron Man and Sasha Grey reaches deep

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Rupert Murdoch is obviously a very successful and smart man, so when I say that the old man’s off his meds, I mean that with the utmost respect.  If he really believes that he’s going to swing the internet around to a model where everyone’s paying for access to sites, I’d like to introduce him to 1996, where he’ll be very happy.  Check out what Murdoch had to say just before they served him applesauce and happy pills.

I know filmmakers who seem rabidly interested in audience response, and I know filmmakers who profess not to care what anyone thinks as long as they are happy with their film.  I think it has to be some middle ground between those attitudes for a film to really work, but it’s an interesting question, and Kim Voynar digs into it today.

Wanna see a new picture of Robert Downey Jr. in a partial Iron Man suit?  People is happy to oblige you.  It’s cool not only as a first look at the sequel, but also as a look at how much of the suit is practical and how much is an effect in some shots.

An equally interesting question is “What movie most affected you, and how?”  It’s a great way of learning who someone is.  The movies you love, the movies you internalize… they say a lot about your character and your values, even if you don’t realize it.  The more passionate you are about a film, the more revealing it is.  Alice Jones of The Independent asked filmmakers and authors and politicians to talk about the films that defined them, and she got some great answers.

There are many, many, many reasons you should read Vern’s summer movie preview, but I can best sum it up with one reason in particular:  Jim Jarmusch Slurpee cups.

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I can’t even describe the commercial I found on Paul Scheer’s website.  He’s one of the guys from Human Giant, and he has a soft spot for insane local commercials.  I still think that’s some of the funniest stuff SCTV ever did, and there’s a reason these poorly produced frequently mental ads end up embedded in our brains… I think it’s the lack of slick that makes them pierce our defenses.  This one, though… it’s a whole special level of lunatic.

Try making it through the rest of your day now without bellowing “The RRRRRREEEEEEDDD HOUSE” at least once today.  I dare you.  And yes… it’s real.

So, according to Kotaku, the “G-Force” tie-in game is going to offer players on the XBOX 360 and the PS3 the option of playing the game in 3D.  But they’re going to use the crappy red-and-blue process, which just baffles me. 


Is everyone in the industry determined to prove that 3D doesn’t work at home?  Like, is it a concentrated effort to make sure that people have to go to the theater for it?  I saw “Up” last night in 3D, and it was amazing how much it actually augmented the experience dramatically and emotionally.  I think people are going to have a harder and harder time dismissing 3D completely as truly gifted filmmakers work with it, but it’s never going to work at home if they keep pushing this wildly inferior version of the process.

Rockstar Games is known primarily for the “Grand Theft Auto” series, but they do make other games.  I really enjoyed the Western-themed game “Red Dead Revolver,” and now they’re getting ready to release the next-generation follow-up to that game, and the trailer is gorgeous.


I like that they’re trying some underrepresented genres, and I hope people in the gaming industry realize that there is more to life than kung-fu and shooting Nazis or aliens.

Scott Feinberg over at the LA Times did a penetrating interview with Sasha Grey following a screening of “The Girlfriend Experience,” and despite the fact that I couldn’t resist a cheap pun, I mean that.  This is one of the best interviews with her yet, and what’s become apparent in the build-up to the release of this film is that Grey is not anyone’s stereotypical idea of a “porn star.”  She speaks frankly and with real insight about the industry she works in, and it’s well worth your time.

Does anyone actually think boycotting films makes any difference?  It’s so hard to make a film that appeals to everyone anyway that it seems to me that if one special interest group decides not to go see something, it’s hardly the end of the world.

I’m still trying to convince my wife that she wants to see “Star Trek,” but she’s not buying what I’m selling.  I’ve considered showing her the first three films when the BluRays show up for review, but I’m not sure that’ll do the trick.  Still, it’s great to read about a noob’s reaction to seeing “Khan” for the first time.

And finally, we have an exclusive clip available today from “Rudo Y Cursi,” the new film starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna that I reviewed at Sundance this year.  I really liked the movie, and it’s great to see these two working together again in a film as solid as this one.  Check out the clip:

And don’t forget to enter our “Star Trek” contest if you’re a fan.  If you’re already registered with HitFix, it’s just two clicks to enter.  Fun stuff, indeed.

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