TMR: Bryan Lee O’Malley says Michael Cera’s the right Scott Pilgrim

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Welcome to The Morning Read.

Between last night’s weekend read and this morning’s piece on Bale, I’m getting a late start on today’s Morning Read, and I think this one’s all about some of the big stuff I haven’t commented on over the last three or four days.

Ole Bornedahl has been rocking it pretty hard for the last couple of films.  Both “The Substitute” and “Just Another Love Story” deliver in unexpected ways, and they suggest that he’s really hit his stride as a storyteller.  Now Twitch has an English-language version of the trailer for “Deliver Us From Evil,” his latest.

And they wonder why people are abandoning newspapers.

You want to know what I’m afraid of, more than almost anything else, in regards to working on the internet?  This.  One of the last things I did at Ain’t It Cool was start putting together an archive of my work over there, and I made decent progress on it before I left.  One of the reasons that was so important to me was because I’ve lost plenty of material over the years as we’ve switched servers.  I would estimate that 90% of the first three years of contributions I made to AICN are gone forever, and an entire blog of mine is gone, too, because of me dicking around with it at TypePad.  I work hard to generate online content, and the idea of it simply disappearing gives me the sweats.

Mr. T remains just as weird today as he’s ever been, and I love it.

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When I was at Sundance this year, all of the final casting decisions on “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” were coming in, and I heard repeatedly from both Dan and Greg, my co-editors here at HitFix, that they just weren’t convinced about Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim.  Well…

RT @radiomaru Stop not being sure about Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim. Your being unsure is a bad move. You’ll feel like an idiot next year.

You’ve gotta love the confidence, eh?  “Radiomaru” is Bryan Lee O’Malley, writer of the “Scott Pilgrim” series.  If he’s happy with Cera as Pilgrim, I would imagine I will be, too.

RT @leeunkrich Just had a fantastic recording session with Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head. My face hurts from laughing…

Lee Unkrich gets paid to spend an afternoon listening to private riffs from Rickles.  What.  A.  Gig.

Speaking of Pixar, I guess there’s so much secondary work (theme park attractions, promos, special appearances) for their iconic characters that they’re setting up a Vancouver studio to handle the extra work.

How about a couple of videos I found over at Kotaku?

First, there’s a trailer for the new “Transformers” video game, and I like how halfway through, the perspective of the trailer shifts from Autobots to Decepticons.  And the game looks okay for a licensed title:


But the thing that really knocked me on my ass this weekend was this first glimpse at what appears to be the sequel to cult title “Beyond Good and Evil,” and it’s the aggressive, kinetic camerawork of this footage that blows me away.  I am willing to bet the final gameplay doesn’t look anything like this, and that is a damn shame:


I love the energy of that clip.  I love the dude on the toilet when the player bursts into a bathroom and leaps for a window.  I love the sound effects as the character runs past rooms, like a baby’s cry.  I love the trails after the gunshots.  This is what I wish all video games looked like.

And one more video for you, this one from BoingBoing, which gives us our first look at “Ninja Assassin.”  I’m curious to see this one, and I hear it’s wildly bloody, a really crazy ride.  If nothing else, it looks like John Gaeta is taking his task seriously, trying to find a way to make any effects work in the film seem completely invisible.

I’ve had an opportunity to do a little work with Gaeta, and I find him tremendously interesting.  He’s a genuine visionary when it comes to using tech to tell stories, and I believe he’s going to make the jump to directing, and that he’ll end up making some really radical movies of his own.

The word has finally leaked about “additional photography” on “The Wolf Man,” and I give Dark Horizons credit for pinning the story down.  I’d been working to try and get some concrete details about the reshoots for a while, and part of my hesitation in publishing anything was that I couldn’t figure out who was actually directing the new material.  Sounds like Vic Armstrong headed up the second unit here on this dual werewolf fight sequence.  This is a film that worries me because the potential is there for it to be something truly cool, but if they mess it up, it’ll seem like an even bigger failure because of how close they came.

Darwin Cooke?  Awesome.  Richard Stark?  Awesome.  Put ’em together, and you’ve got “The Hunter,” an IDW comic that could be one of the coolest new titles of the year.  Check out this preview.  Bet that’s one comic book that Vern ends up buying.  I just love the way Cooke draws Parker’s hands.  So right.

If anyone would like to provide me with a jumbo CineCurve for my home, I will not argue with them.  If I were to install one of these, I have no doubt I would be a permanent candidate for this (NSFW) website.

Some good “Star Trek” links to share today, starting with Devin Faraci’s piece on why he is able to enjoy the film despite recognizing what he sees as fairly serious script flaws.  If you loved the effects in the film, you should check out this great piece on how ILM approached the job.  Tell me… do you agree that movies like “Star Trek” signal that we have finally embraced this as the Age of the Geek, or is it just a momentary coincidence that Hollywood is chasing this one narrow niche so hard?

Whatever the case, let’s all look at this guy as a cautionary tale:

Cantankerous Episode#7: Reed’s House from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

That’s a great video, and I love how it starts off amiable and charming and then slowly begins to reveal some serious darkness.  As my wife works today to reorganize my office, I am working as hard as I can to bite back on my OCD and just let her throw things out.  Any moment, I’m going to start shrieking “HOT WATER BURN BABY!” and smacking myself in the head over and over, but for now, it’s under control.

Thanks for sharking the Morning Read, as always, and it’ll be an interesting week, as I’m heading to New Orleans for Wednesday and Thursday.  Should be a busy but interesting next few days.

The Morning Read appears here every day, Monday through Friday.  Except when it doesn’t.

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