TMR: A fallen ‘Angel,’ Richard Kelly’s ‘Box,’ and Tommy Wiseau talks

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Farrah Fawcett

Welcome to The Morning Read.

I had the t-shirt when I was in grade school.  It was a blue shirt, with the famous poster of her in the swimsuit covering the entire front of the shirt.  When I say “grade school,” I mean first grade.  Second grade.  I was a wee little kid, but when I wore that shirt, I felt like I was a high schooler, cool and suave.

When we moved from Florida to Texas, we ended up moving into a nice neighborhood on a golf course, and our next-door neighbors were her parents.  For a ten year old, that meant I spent every day in anticipation of the moment when she would decide to (A) visit her parents (B) sunbathe nude and (C) develop a sudden, undeniable attraction to ten-year-olds.  Alas, never happened, and we only ended up living there until the neighborhood completely flooded out less than a year later, and we moved on to Tennessee, which meant that Farrah Fawcett was out of my life forever.  *sniffle*

Her successful bid for respect with roles in films like “Extremeties” and “The Burning Bed” may not have amounted to much, but it did allow her to enjoy the second half of her career as more than just “ex-‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Farrah Fawcett.”  And now, at age 62, she’s gone.  Rough way to go, too, but it’s obvious from reactions today that her iconic appeal never really faded.  She’ll be missed.

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What else is going on out there this morning?

If you’re a Bill Murray fan like I’m a Bill Murray fan, you really should check out this silly, inconsequential little clip.  It’s for “Caddyshack” fans in particular.

When do the X-Men have time to fight their enemies?  Because it looks to me like all they do is boink.

Yes, please.

I love the defenses of “Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” that are showing up, because I think I recognize some of my own reaction in what I’m reading.  There’s the one at io9 that proclaims this as “Michael Bay’s first art movie,” and then Kim Morgan realized that “Michael Bay is a surrealist.”  Great reads, both of them.

RT @kevin_nealon I don’t think I would ever consider autoerotica asphyxiation unless maybe someone broke into my house and was strangling me anyway.

Have you ever opened a link in front of your kid and regretted it?  I did that this morning, but not because it’s graphic or inappropriate.  I just hated having to then rewatch it (and listen to it) about six more times.  Sheeeeesh.  Be warned.

I love Buzz Aldrin precisely because he appears to be completely and utterly mad.  How else do you explain this?

See what I mean?  That exists.  That actually happened.

I’ve posted before about the guy who was stopped by the TSA and hassled because he wouldn’t explain why he had $4700 in cash.  You’re not legally required to disclose anything under $10,000, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with having cash, so I’m glad to see that the guy is moving forward with plans to sue the TSA.  They abuse their powers since 2001, and without any oversight at all.  Cases like this have to happen to make sure there’s a sane standard that provides safety without punishing people merely for traveling by air.

Wanna lose a few hours of productivity?  Then enjoy this list, courtesy of IFC, of “The 50 Best Movie Trailers Of All Time.”  Of course you won’t agree with the list, but just watching the 50 trailers and thinking about what they got right and what they got wrong… that’s a full afternoon for any serious movie nerd.

RT headgeek666  Worst idea in the history of bad ideas. Giving Robots a hunger for flesh!

Oh, Ray… why are you so mad?

Perez Hilton does realize that he has absolutely and 100% turned himself into a gigantic punchline, right?

When Zac Efron and Breckin Meyer hold the high ground over you, culturally-speaking, you have lost.  Time to go home.

Yes, please.

I’ve been bedridden this week, so not participating in the Los Angeles Film Festival at all, but this sounds a lot like the experiences I had last year at the Fest’s premieres.

I’m glad to hear that “Inglourious Basterds” really isn’t being chopped up right now, and that Quentin’s still considering other films with these characters.  All exciting stuff.

Did you see the trailer for Richard Kelly’s new film, “The Box”?  First of all, nice to finally see some footage, and then on top of it, it actually looks pretty great.

I am rooting for Kelly to put his undeniably strong and haunting visual sense together with a really solid, smart piece of material this time.  I think there are great movies lurking in Kelly, and he just needs the discipline of actually telling a story, A-B-C, to reach a wider audience.  Let’s hope this is the one.

I agree with Peter Hall, both about IFC’s midnight slate, and about After Dark Films and Courteney Solomon.

How did I know Bill Condon had something to do with the revision in the Oscar policy?

Hey… I know the trades steal stories from online sources all the time without crediting them, but I’m curious… IESB ran the first news of Kyle Ward getting hired to write “Hitman 2,” and then Variety ran it today without credit.  Is it just me, or does that Variety piece read like someone was literally just retyping the IESB story exactly, substituting a word here or a word there?  It’s a little crazy how close they are, considering IESB wasn’t working from a press release or anything else.  It’s amazing to realize that there was a time when I moved to LA where I really respected the trades, but these days, I’m stunned at how transparent their contempt for online is, and trust me… the feeling’s mutual.  At least if you’re going to steal from us, make it a little harder to prove, guys, okay?  Put some effort in.

Finally, let’s wrap up today with the single greatest interview in the history of film journalism.  Seriously.  Steve Heisler wins.  The rest of us can just go home now, because Steve got Tommy Wiseau to sit down and explain himself.  And the result is so glorious I’m thinking of getting the entire interview tattooed on my back.  I love it that much.

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