TMR: US ‘Lying’ trailer appears, ‘Basterds’ rumors, and Michael Bay’s making ‘Gatsby’?!

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Welcome to The Morning Read.

It’s been a long weekend since my last Morning Read on Thursday, and I’ve got a lot bookmarked.  Let’s see how much of it I can get to.

First, did you catch the photo gallery that we ran from last night’s BET Awards?  There was one picture in particular that Greg Ellwood mentioned to me, and it put a big smile on my face to see Uhura and Uhura together for the first time.  I’ve been watching the first season of the original series with Toshi on BluRay recently, and I forgot how much that show relied on Nichelle Nichols for T&A.  They always put her in the craziest short skirts and tight tops to show off that Pam Grier rack of hers.  JJ Abrams definitely cast that role right, and seeing both generations of these lovely ladies together is a treat.

Wanna know what Stan Lee’s doing in “Iron Man 2”?

If you asked me right now today what’s going on with “Bat Out Of Hell,” my vampire movie that was announced a year or so ago as nearing production with Joe Dante attached to direct, my honest answer would have to be, “I have no idea.”  International financing on the level we’re looking at got really, really difficult right around the time we were putting the last few pieces in place, and now we’re stuck in neutral.  It’s a shame, too, because working with Joe to polish the script was a great experience, and I sincerely hope that if we do find the money, Joe’s still interested.  He just made an appearance in Edinburgh to talk about his career, and gave an interview to The Scotsman as a sneak peek.

RT @robhuebel  I can’t sleep. Too excited about, ‘Dance Your Ass Off’ on Oxygen tonight.  I love to eat and watch fat people dance at the same time.

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This didn’t just happen… it appears to have taken place in early May… but stories of TSA overstepping their authority and making truly indefensible decisions make me crazy, and each and every one should be highlighted so that maybe… MAYBE… this sort of thing stops.  Trust me… no one is going to try to hijack a plane with a comic book, guys.

Anyone willing to give me odds on that “Inglourious Basterds” prequel ever really happening?  I don’t care what Harvey says… this one smells like “The Vega Brothers” all over again.

It’s just a few questions, but you can never spend enough time inside the big weird brain of Guillermo Del Toro.

This subway map of the 250 best films of all time is sort of crazy, and sort of awesome.  Check it out.

Waaaaaiiiiit a minute.  I’m confused.  How can this be Michael Bay’s next film?  I thought he was already signed on to make “The Great Gatsby.”

Another week, another book I absolutely positively have to track down, own, and read immediately.  I love “Fitzcarraldo” by Herzog.  I love “Burden Of Dreams,” the film about the insane making of that movie.  And I think it’s safe to assume I will love Werner Herzog’s just-published diary of the making of “Fitzcarraldo.”

RT @ScottFienberg  See it to believe it lol.  Video of Charlie Chaplin doing the Moonwalk!

And speaking of Michael Jackson, I hope this isn’t true.  I don’t want to remember Michael as an exhibit people can go and gawk at.  I don’t want him canonized as a freak.  I’d much rather just pick music of his I like and let that be the memorial that stands.  For example, I love that someone turned up a Michael Jackson video I’ve never seen.  Before MTV gave up on videos, I quite loved keeping up with what was going on in the world of music video, and I think there’s a whole generation of filmmakers that erupted out of that world for good reason.  The idea that even knowing how closely I paid attention, I somehow missed a David Fincher/Michael Jackson video back in the day… that actually made me smile.  It was like finding an extra Christmas present that got overlooked, and it’s March.  Totally unexpected, and I sorta can’t believe it exists:

I miss the idea that crafting a music video is part of the experience of releasing your music into the world.  I miss the truly beautiful ones, the pure style exercises that are just candy.  Lavish, gorgeous candy.  Michael Jackson made so many of them that it’s almost easy to take all that effort for granted.

I will say that there are still guys who are breaking through in commercials, like Neil Blompkamp, who directed this summer’s “District 9,” or Carl Rinsch, who may direct the “Alien” prequel Ridley Scott wants to produce.  /Film just ran a piece on Rinsch’s latest commercial, and it’s pretty damn slick.

What is this?  And why don’t I have one in my yard?

The Telegraph did a three-part series talking to some of Sacha Baron Cohen’s most infamous “victims,” asking them to look back at the experience.  I find that almost as hilarious as the original film segments where these people appeared.

I’m really sorry I missed that BluRay day for “Watchmen” last week, because according to this short film on Amazon, “Watchmen” is going to be absolutely pants-crappingly-awesome in terms of extra content.  This is what top of the line is going to look like in BluRay soon, and I am dying to get my hands on this disc immediately.

This hurts because it’s true.

RT @leeunkrich I always appreciate good stories told without dialogue.

One of the best reads you’ll have this morning is Devin Faraci’s piece about how Freddy, Jason, and Michael’s status as icons is actually cemented, not threatened, by the idea of their movies being remade.  Thoughtful and dead accurate, I’d say.

Also impressive is this piece looking back at “Do The Right Thing” and how far we have or haven’t come in the 20 years since the film was released.  It’s especially worth a look for the slideshow of the block where the film was made as it appears today.

Remember when I linked to the UK trailer for “The Invention Of Lying” on Friday?  Yeah, well, the US version’s even better.  Sells more of the world, sets it up more, and offers more payoff.  I’m telling you… this one’s going to be something special, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a total whore for anything that features ELO.

The Morning Read appears here every day, Monday through Friday.  Except when it doesn’t.

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