TMR: Stephen Chow leaves ‘Green Hornet,’ Blunt and Portman dance, and a ‘G.I. Joe’ review

07.15.09 8 years ago

Welcome to The Morning Read.

This is the third… YES, THIRD… false start on the column today.  I’m having monstrous computer issues this morning.  Let’s see if I can get through this in baby steps, because I am having a hard time writing more than three lines before my computer throws up and runs screaming around the room for ten minutes.

It’s not all bad news today, of course.  Vern declared “Spawn” the worst comic book movie of all time, so Wednesday’s got that going for it.

And speaking of comic books and superheroes, when our own Greg Ellwood interviewed Michel Gondry back in April, Gondry suggested that the involvement of Stephen Chow as Kato was, at best, an unresolved question.  Now, unsurprisingly, Chow has left the film.  I couldn’t imagine a scenario where he stepped aside as director but stayed on to play a supporting character.  I’m so curious to see what Gondry and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are putting together, and I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that Chow’s gone.  All depends on how Kato’s written and what Gondry wants from him.

This is an important conversation for all of us who are writing online these days, because trust me… things are changing out there.  I have no idea what the internet’s going to look like five years from now or even a year from now… but I guarantee that our media diets are only going to get more complex and that the number of voices out there involved in the media will only increase.

Great article about marriage that was originally linked to on Twitter by Dave Chen, of Slashfilmcast infamy, and it ties in nicely to an interview with Bill Hader that was shot for “Paper Heart,” and which is online now:

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The longer I am married, I find that I am impressed by guys who obviously love their wives and who love being married, and disappointed in a more profound way by people who cheat on their spouses.  It seems like a sign of character to me to treat your marriage and your spouse with that basic respect.  Call me crazy.

RT @prodweek Filming has just wrapped on Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends, a reboot of the legendary Ultraman franchise directed Koichi Sakamoto.

Finally… I’ve been waiting for this news.  I don’t know why anyone would buy a DVD with three episodes of any TV show when you know they’ll end up doing a full-season box set at some point.  It’s about time.

Hey, what is it with dancers right now?  Emily Blunt is playing a ballet dancer who meets a rising political star (Matt Damon) in the sci-fi love story “The Adjustment Bureau,” adapted from a Philip K. Dick story by George Nolfi, who is also directing the film.  And in Darren Aronofsky’s potential supernatural film “Black Swan,” Natalie Portman looks likely to star as a ballet dancer who may or may not be locked in a deadly struggle with a rival.

I don’t always love lists, but this list of some of the worst parents in movie and TV history makes me laugh.  A lot.

And I like this list of essential skills for any geek father.  I need to brush up on several of them, so I should get busy.

You’ll hear me talk of LongBox often, I’m sure.  I think it’s a natural evolutionary step in media, and if you’re still not sure what this whole “iTunes of comic books” is, or why it will work where other digital comics ideas have failed, check out this new longform interview with Rantz Hoseley, who founded the company.

If you run an ad agency, talent scouting’s got to be reeeeeeeeeeally easy these days.  There are dozens of forums full of people whose artistic skills are professional-level, to say the least, and there are always those amazing photoshop contests or design contests, for no prize except the satisfaction.  Check this one out.  Gorgeous stuff on there.

“Scenic Routes” is a new semi-regular feature at The A/V Club from Mike D’Angelo.  Glad to see him doing more and more work for them… he’s a good fit with that site’s overall sensibilities.  And if his inaugural “Boogie Nights” column is what I can expect from “Scenic Routes,” I’m a fan of the column and look forward to whatever’s next.

I’m not sure what Rob Liefeld seems so happy about… I think casting Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern pretty much seals the deal on “Deadpool” happening with him anytime soon.  I can’t imagine Fox is terribly interested in getting sloppy seconds from Reynolds after all the time they’ve put in on “Deadpool” already.  They’ve got writers writing, after all.  They made a push to get Reynolds out in front on the “Wolverine” press despite him being in about fifteen total minutes of the movie, and half of that in an unrecognizable form.  I think MTV’s right to ask the question, but I think the answer’s obvious.  Reynolds made his choice, and he’s no longer a Marvel man.  And, no, Harrison Ford playing both Indy and Han Solo is not the same thing, because both films weren’t gearing up for production at the same time, aimed at the same audience, from rival studios.

When I first met Steve Weintraub (now more commonly known as “Frosty from Collider”), he e-mailed me about how he could help me get into test screenings back in the early days of AICN.  First thing we went to see together was the first screening of “The Big Lebowski.”  It doesn’t surprise me at all that he could still slip past the defenses if he really wants to see something, and evidently last night, he really wanted to see “G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra.”  And get this… he liked it.  As did the AICN spies who were also there.  Huh.

Karina Longworth is a lovely and talented human being and I hope she never decides to eviscerate me online.  Ouch.

RT @azizansari All the Human Giant clips are back on YouTube! If you don’t know Human Giant, get familiar

And finally, I’ll leave you with this video I saw over at BoingBoing that sums up my morning.  As you watch, realize that I am currently using a large piece of my desk top that I ripped loose with my bare hands to beat my computer into a small hunk of soon-to-be-recycled material.

And have a lovely day.

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