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Welcome to The Morning Read.

It’s Comic-Con week.  Oooooooh.  And I just learned a few hours ago that Comic-Con doesn’t really end for some of us until Wednesday of next week.  It’s going to be seven solid days of ridiculously over-the-top geekery, and I’ll be bringing you all of it as it happens.

Make sure you’re subscribed to my Twitter feed if you want constant updates.  Getting to the computer will happen at some very odd and specific times as I scramble away from the convention center just long enough to file a few quick reports.  In the meantime, Twitter should give you a sense of how things are going, a shorthand. I’m @DrewAtHitfix, so I’m easy to find.

Sounds like quite a few of you are planning to be in San Diego.  Still not sure what sort of meet-up we’ll do, but I would hope you come to the “Ponyo” screening on Friday night.  Toshi can’t wait, and he seems excited since he learned that Miyazaki will be there.  He’s starting to ask “who made that?” after he sees something he likes, and he’s very curious about what that means.  Since I can’t imagine many opportunities in the future for him to see a film with Hayao Miyazaki in attendance, I’m really pleased this came together, and I’m glad Disney’s doing this with us.

Don’t forget that I’m moderating three panels now on Sunday in Ballroom 20.  One on “Paper Heart,” one on “Mystery Team,” and one on “Alien Trespass.”  Did you see that there’s a new “Mystery Team” trailer out now?  Just hit YouTube last night:

[more after the jump]

Love it.  I really like the music in the second half of the trailer, and I think it does a good job of conveying the tone and the sensibility of the movie.  They’re screening it Thursday night at Comic-Con (at the same time everyone seems to be screening everything, including “District 9” and “Ninja Assassin”), but even if you don’t make it to the film, make sure you stop by to see DERRICK Comedy at their panel, where a brand-new “Mystery Team” short film, made especially for the panel, will premiere.

RT @Boosh_Storm_USA:  Hi from Howard Moon, at the airport, finally through security, took some time as they made me go through all 709 of my pockets.

Todd Gilchrist is a good egg, a hard-working and smart online journalist, and it seems like he reached a personal breaking point of some sort this past weekend at a junket for “Orphan.”

Michel Gagne is an artist whose work I’ve been familiar with for well over a decade now, and I love that he’s become enough of a brand name for this to happen:

That game looks awesome.  It’s not just great design… it actually looks like simple fun to play.

I really like Sacha Baron Cohen’s work.  Getting an interview with him, out of character, is one of my goals someday, because I’d very much like to talk process with this dedicated comic performer.  But there’s something a little spooky about people who are always on.

I dunno… “Voltron”?  Really?  I get that everyone’s chasing the toy properties now for some insane reason, but if “Robotech,” “Voltron,” and “Transformers” all end up getting made, don’t you think the audience is going to get over the whole “Wow, giant robots are cool” thing pretty quickly?

I have a new favorite film critic, and according to him, the race for Oscar 2009 is over.  “Ice Age 3,” these five stars belong to you.

Gotta say… as key art goes, I really dig these initial teaser trailers for “Prince Of Persia.” [Editor’s note: See a large scale version of the domestic teaser at the bottom of this entry.]

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The LA Times.  Awesome.

RT @Boosh_Storm_USA:  Hi from Vince, is forty suit cases too much? We’ve got the wheely suitcase when’s the wheely wardrobe comin into play?

That fabled “Metropolis” restoration?  Getting closer every day.

Here’s an idea.  If you don’t understand Comic-Con, or if you’re just looking to take ignorant shots at Comic-Con, or if you just plain have nothing besides entirely-unsupported bad connections to base your Comic-Con article on, maybe you shouldn’t write about Comic-Con.  There’s a reason “The Spirit” made less than $20 million at the box office, Michael Cieply, and it’s got nothing to do with whatever footage they did or didn’t show at Comic-Con.

It always makes me mental when studio executives wring their hands about whether or not a character is “likeable,” but what do you do when your lead character is a real person?  How much control do you actually have?

Keep on fighting that war against drugs, America.  We’re doing such a good job of it right now, aren’t we?

Besides, why would any movie lover want there to be a war on drugs?  Pot, in particular, has had a remarkable impact on cinema.

Oh, no! What’s that sound? It’s… it’s… RAAAAAAAANDY… part two!

I am fascinated by just how far Aziz pushes the joke here.  He has created a monster, and it’s sort of amazing to watch.

I am also fascinated by the impending madness of Marvel’s Broadway musical version of “Spider-Man,” directed by Julie Taymor, and these new interviews with her only make it more of a big, crazy question mark.

RT @Boosh_Storm_USA:  Hi from Naboo. The pilots agreed 2 let me follow him on my carpet, he says its easy, go straight ahead, turn left @ the frog shaped cloud

“13 Assassins” is a ridiculously cool title for a Miike film.

This freaks me out.  Shouldn’t we be planning a tactical nuke strike just to make sure it doesn’t make it to the mainland and destroy civilization?

I was looking at the latest issue of Big Fat Duh magazine at the newsstand the other day, and they had a story about how studios do better when they make more movies.  What an amazing revelation!

Patrick Sauriol just wrote an exhaustive article on the proposed-but-now-dead “Gladiator” sequel.  Good read.  I love reading about movies that almost happened but didn’t, and Devin just did a great piece, part of an ongoing series, on a few other films that came close before falling apart.

James Gunn seems to be a bottomless source of weirdness, and his blog is pretty much non-stop fun.  He puts together all sorts of personal lists, and recently wrapped up his 100 Favorite Songs Right Now project.  Well worth some wasted time.

RT @Boosh_Storm_USA:  Bollo just havin a pre flight poo, monkey butt too big to fit in airplane loo

And, yes, if you couldn’t tell from my retweets of the Mighty Boosh feed, they are on their way to America.  I’ll be seeing them at Comic-Con, and I was going to try to see them at Amoeba Records next week, although that may not be logistically possible now.  I’m just so pleased they’re coming to the States!

Jake Gyllenhaal in the 'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time' Teaser PosterThe Morning Read appears here every day, Monday through Friday.  Except when it doesn’t.

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