TMR: ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Coraline’ on BluRay and Human Giant mashes up ‘Point Break’ with Reno 911

07.21.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

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Welcome to The Morning Read.

I’m not sure yet how I’ll be handling these at Comic-Con.  I’ll have something up to start the day, but it may be a summary of the previous day’s coverage, or a link to other Comic-Con coverage worth seeing, or a quick list of things that happened while we were immersed in the Comic-Con hubbub.  I’m not sure yet.  Rest assured, we’re going to have so much content up between tomorrow and next Sunday that it’s going to be overwhelming.  For you and for us alike, I think.  So that makes this the last “normal” Morning Read until next week, so let’s see what’s going on out there.

On DVD this week, the two biggest titles are “Watchmen: Director’s Cut” and “Coraline.”  Both of those are BluRay must-haves.  That amazing “300” BluRay double-dip is also out today, and even though I haven’t seen it all the way through, just a cursory examination of the extra features leaves me convinced that today’s Zack Snyder releases are fairly significant just in terms of exploring the potential for what you can do with a BluRay edition of a film.  Criterion’s releasing both “2 Or 3 Things I Know About Her” and “Made In U.S.A.” today, so Godard fans can rejoice.  All three seasons of “The Mighty Boosh” finally land on US soil today as well, too, and the discs are packed with extras that do a great job of tracing the whole history of the Boosh.  “Midnight Express” hits BluRay today, along with Paramount titles like “U2: Rattle And Hum,” “Black Rain,” “The Warriors,” Mel Gibson’s “Payback,” “Nacho Libre,” “Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow,” and “The Truman Show.”  And if you’re a TV fan, “Pushing Daisies” season two is out today, along with season seven (!!!) of “Monk.”

It’s increasingly uncommon to read a first-hand recollection of what it was like when we dropped atomic weapons on Japan, so this piece in The New York Times is amazing just for that reason, even if it weren’t well-written and perceptive and haunting.

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And now, since my computer seems to hate the heat even more than I do today, and since I’ve got to get to a screening today, let’s look at a few more quick fun things before I have to go.  Stupid computer.  Stupid San Fernando Valley heat.  It’s so bad today that I’m sitting here currently making my own gravy.  No one needs that.

Have you followed the frisbee yet?  Which frisbee, you ask?  Well, it first showed up on the set of “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,” in the hands of Edgar Wright…

… and then somehow found its way down to New Mexico, where Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are working:

Oooh, that sourpuss Mottola.

I really like that even when they’re working in different countries, there’s a kinship between Simon, Nick, and Edgar.  I think fans of these guys are happy to see all of them stretching, but the desire will always be there to see them working together as well.

It’s all true.  The rumors you’ve heard are more than just rumors.  Flynn lives, and at some point Thursday night, somewhere in San Diego, the world will learn exactly what that means.  In the meantime, keep your eyes on the Home Of Tron to see what else you can learn.  Or you can check out this YouTube clip that Mike Dougherty unearthed, which is in terrible condition but interesting anyway:

Can you imagine an afternoon with Maurice Sendak and Spike Jonze?  Absolutely bliss.

This gives me hope.

If Dan Glickman’s vision represents the future of motion pictures, then the future of motion pictures is going to be really, really dull.

Sad and strange, this would make an amazing movie in the hands of the right filmmaker.

I feel like this little Harry Potter fangirl from Japan is getting laughed at and mocked a lot today, but she’s awesome.  This is what real fandom looks like, and it’s just adorable.  She won a contest and was allowed to go to the set of “Potter” to interview Dan Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.  Here she is with Grint…

… and here she is with Radcliffe…

… see what I mean?  Charming.  Unguarded.  Yes, a little on the crazy side, but that’s what fandom is.  It’s an almost chemical response to someone’s work, and it’s hilarious.  And both those guys come across as really decent to indulge her and play along.

You like “Point Break”?  You like Human Giant?  You like Tom Lennon or Ben Garant?  Well, get ready, ’cause here’s a giant bag of awesome for your Tuesday afternoon:

So far, so awesome for these, Mean Magazine.  Keep it up!

And finally, I hate to be the Grinch, but all that celebrating we’ve been doing about the moon landing?  Well, it was all bullshit.  We shouldn’t be celebrating anything.  It was a hoax, and now… finally… there is conclusive proof of how it was accomplished.

Okay… sorry it was so quick today.  Last day before I leave town, and of course there’s a mid-afternoon screening to try and get to.

I’ll be back with a few more updates tonight before I leave.

The Morning Read appears here every day, Monday through Friday.  Except when it doesn’t.

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