The Morning Read – Launch Day

12.22.08 9 years ago

I take Toshi to school in the morning, and sometimes that’s at the end of the workday, and sometimes at the start.  Just depends on the day.  But either way, I’m doing my morning scan at some point, my daily browser ritual.  I figure at least part of the conversation we’re going to have here is based on what I see while I’m browsing.  So I’ll put together my quick thoughts each morning for you, Monday through Friday.

And if there’s something particularly worthwhile, we may even do an Afternoon Read from time to time.  Sometimes, there’s just that much going on.

This morning, let’s start with something that’s a few days old but that I enjoyed because it’s nice to see someone who doesn’t hold his own career as some holy thing.

My first stop of the day is, of course, Ain’t It Cool News.
Quint’s “A Movie A Day” column continues with “The Petrified Forest.” 
Appropriately, he says of Humphrey Bogart in the film, “Picture him a little like Dennis Leary in THE REF, but without the F-bombs.”
Have I mentioned that Quint’s a stud?  Because he is.  He started that column without really knowing what he was getting himself into, and then he made it work.  He’s done some of the best movie writing of his career over the run of the series so far, and I think it’s had a really interesting impact in him as a film viewer.  He digests them differently now.  There’s a discipline to really writing about film with any regularity and in volume, and I think Quint’s work on the AMAD series has been really impressive.
Also at AICN, I read Mr. Beaks pay tribute to Robert Mulligan, director of the great TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.
Devin Faraci’s been industrious this weekend, and he’s got his Top Fifteen for 2008 list up and ready to be rabidly disagreed with.  I assume.  Let me go check it out…
Actually, that’s a pretty solid list all the way around.  Lots of goodness on there.  Some stuff I just didn’t react to the same way, but a really solid list nonetheless.
Damn.  I really wanted to start a fight my first day.
Over at Variety, there was only one thing on the front page that I felt like clicking on.  I’m heading to Sundance in a few weeks, my first time back in a while (I think the restraining order’s finally been lifted), and I’m really curious what I need to make sure I see while I’m up there.
Michael Jones in the film festival editor over there, and he’s got a trailer up for “We Live In Public.”  Never heard of it.  But it looks like it’s a ten-minute trailer, so I’ll go check it out… 
He also ran an eight-minute trailer for a film that’s playing Slamdance called “Smile Till It Hurts” about the Up With People kids from the ’70s.  That sounds seriously like it could be the creepiest film of all time.  I have to go check the trailer out.
Over at the Hollywood Reporter, there are a few stories worth clicking on.  When I hosted the screening of “Trick’R’Treat” at the Chinese in October, Mike Doherty talked a bit about “Bitches,” his SEX AND THE CITY meets THE HOWLING show he was developing.  Well…

What a strange and interesting choice for a new Jack Ryan picture.  They’ve hired a writer, and it’s not anyone you’d expect.
Pete Sciretta over at /Film has another Sundance trailer up now, this one for a Matthew Lillard film called “Spooner”:
Also on /Film, Hunter Stephenson posted Funny Or Die’s “Between Two Ferns” as their video of the day, and it absolutely deserves the title.  It’s a brutally funny slam on the art of the “celebrity interview” right now, and Zach Galifianakis and Jon Hamm both deserve a shout-out for it.

And one last link for the morning…
Most mornings, I’d browse more, but I’ve got things to do before we launch, so I guess let this just serve as an example of what you can expect from The Morning Read as we move forward.

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