The most underrated ‘SNL’ cast member of the past 15 years slayed Seth Meyers

10.27.15 2 years ago

“Late Night with Seth Meyers” is probably best when the host invites his famous pals to yak, reminisce, and sometimes engage in hilarious new sketches. Remember when Ana Gasteyer apologized to Martha Stewart on Seth's show? Gold. 

This week Seth invited another of his “SNL” pals to be hilarious, and it provided yet another gem. Here he is with Rachel Dratch in a sketch about apologizing for past misgivings. 

This calls to mind a theory I'd like to share: Rachel Dratch is secretly one of the most versatile cast members in “SNL” history and potentially the most underrated of the 21st century. Remember Debbie Downer? You do.

She's even willing to complete a “Double Dare”-like course and disparage the career of Julia Roberts for a laugh.

Of all her characters, this “lover” is the most ingenious. She's a recognizable, yet rare type for comedy. She's lecherous but deluded, blissfully horny yet unnerving. 

You can see a huge range of talent based just on her “30 Rock” characters. Watch how she plays Barbara Walters as something of a self-serious Swedish Chef. The verbal specificity and contrived earnestness create an entirely new and convincing version of Barbara Walters.

And sometimes she just murders you with a single look. Try to keep it together as she saunters into view with Jack Donaghy.

Finally, if you haven't read it, her memoir “Girl Walks Into a Bar” is totally honest, mature, and hilarious. She's arguably funniest as herself. I'm ready for her to play all the characters in a loopy retelling of “United States of Tara.” 

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