The new ‘Halloween’s’ reported director is one of horror’s brightest new stars

05.24.16 1 year ago

As Drew reported previously, John Carpenter is returning to the Halloween franchise after more than three decades of non-involvement — but only as an executive producer (and potentially composer). So who will direct the Blumhouse-produced sequel/remake/prequel/whatever?

While yesterday's announcement was light on details, “various sources” are now telling Bloody Disgusting that Hush and Oculus helmer Mike Flanagan is the frontrunner for the director gig. To me this feels like an obvious choice, and not necessarily in a good way. Flanagan essentially already made his Halloween film with Hush, the Netflix original which also happens to center on a woman being stalked by a white-masked killer (though the latter of course has the added conceit of the victim being deaf). 

Still, Flanagan is one of the most talented young filmmakers currently working in the genre, so Blumhouse could certainly do a lot worse. I'll be interested to see whether B-D's report holds true. If not, there are a number of other directors I'd love to see tackling the material.

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