The new ‘Star Wars Rebels’ trailer is chock full of reveals, including a TFA tie-in

01.15.16 2 years ago

If you heard a really high pitched sound coming from the west coast of California today (or if your dogs suddenly turned and looked that way) it was me squeeing my head off over the new “Star Wars Rebels” trailer outlining events for the rest of season 2.

Before I get into this in any detail, be warned that this is FULL of spoilers. Even Dave Filoni warned fans.


Got it?

Let's get into this.

See what I mean?

First off, let's talk about Yoda. As Donna said to me when I showed her this, “I KNEW YODA WASN”T JUST SITTING ON DAGOBAH.” We'd heard him before, but the idea that Yoda's there in the flesh (or that's one hell of a vision) training Ezra in the ways of the Force is huge.

Plus, this “Old Master” who shows up to “help” Ezra. Looks familiar, doesn't he? It may take you a couple views, but look close. There's something familiar there. 

On top of this, hello, Anakin! Anakin may have gone dark side, but seeing him again just got to me. The whole interaction promises so many potential outcomes, but doesn't give anything away. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

And the lightsaber?! Not only do we get a green version of the cross-guard saber, but it looks 100% functional and non-janky compared to Kylo's. I know Kylo's is based on an “ancient design”, but what if it's the same saber with a new crystal? Or perhaps Kylo was taught this ancient design by an “Old Master.” So many unknowns!

Add to all of this, Ezra in a dark side temple with a dark side holocron (for those of us who think he'll end up dark side, this is what we've been waiting for). Plus new Jedi, a possible new Jedi master, and Cham Syndulla! Everything we know about this show so far being turned up to eleven. All culminating in the moment we've known was coming. The one fans have been wanting and dreading in equal measure.

Ahsoka and Vader face to face and head to head.

As Ahsoka says, “There's always a bit of truth in legends.”. We know the legends, now we'll get to learn some of the truths.

“Star Wars Rebels” returns to Disney XD on January 20th an 9/8c.

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