The petition we need: Allison Janney for ‘SNL’ host

06.01.15 2 years ago

Thanks to a simple tweet from Allison Janney herself, we just realized something: The Emmy-winning actress has never hosted “SNL” before — and it's an excellent fit for her. We need to get Allison to Studio 8H, pronto. Twitter agrees.


Fans are in agreement. I felt this suggestion was particularly trenchant.


She's proven her comic mettle on “Mom,” which earned her an Emmy last year.

But she's got the thespian chops to make the toughest sketches work too.

Let's not forget her comic roles in movies like “Juno” where she's funny thanks to a brilliantly realized character.

And finally: How hasn't Allison been on “SNL” when she gave us this perfect performance in “Drop Dead Gorgeous” a decade and a half ago?

CJ Cregg forever. 

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