‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: ‘The Donkey Kicks’

01.14.13 5 years ago

As one of the two new “Housewives” cast additions, Kenya has not disappointed in bringing the crazy. Porsha, on the other hand, has served no purpose whatsoever and, I think, will soon be disappearing from the show. In this episode, all we see of Porsha is Kordell bringing her breakfast in bed and promising he has powerful, twin-making sperm (yawn) and another moment in which Porsha proves yet again she’s only slightly smarter than a bag of lawn clippings. Kenya, on the other hand, is a sassy drama machine. In fact, without her in this episode, I fear we’d have nothing else to do but watch NeNe drive around Los Angeles and whine about her early call times. I’d rather watch “The New Normal” than watch that, but not by much.

Anyway, we do know NeNe is very stressed out. She has an estate in the Hollywood Hills that she needs to fill with furniture! And she has to teach Gregg how to be a Mr. Mom and her personal slave! That’s just so darn taxing! We also learn that Kenya is letting NeNe borrow the stuff she has in storage in Los Angeles, which seems to be a large amount of ugly crap and lawn statues. This should not be surprising, really.

Back in Atlanta, Kenya invites her aunt Lori and cousin Che to visit her. Once she reveals that she’s kicked Walter to the curb, Che gleefully tears into the awful ex. He’s gay! She thinks. And he’s weird! And his hair looks like a toupee! And, oh yeah, he hit on her once. Once Lori gets past the idea that Kenya is clearly stupid for ever having pursued Walter, she asks if young Kenya might be ready to get back on the horse. “I’m sure there’s lot of people in Atlanta who’d like to ride you,” Che says helpfully.

While this has promise as a wacky family sitcom, it isn’t the core of the crazy drama for Kenya this week. What is is the dreaded Donkey Booty video Kenya is trying to produce for Phaedra and Apollo. It all seems to be proceeding smoothly — until Kenya makes it clear she expects to be paid. Phaedra seems quietly horrified by this, and over the course of several meetings, she and Kenya and Apollo argue and misunderstand and shake their booties at one another until the whole deal falls apart. 

It seems Kenya wanted 10 percent of the back end, and Phaedra wanted to give her tip money. I can’t believe I’m siding with Kenya in this particular dog fight, but it doesn’t seem like she’s asking for too much. It also seems that she didn’t understand Phaedra’s method of approaching a deal — lowballing, then expecting the other person to counter. Kenya doesn’t counter, it seems. 

“I can barely buy a pair of shoes with what they’re paying me,” Kenya says. “And I only wear $1,000 shoes.” So, no sneakers for Miss Kenya. 

A mistake (if you can call it that) that Phaedra makes is calling Kandi’s boyfriend Todd to ask him what he thinks of Kenya’s offer — and to find out what he might be able to do instead. Kenya is horrified that Phaedra shopped around! She’d done so much work already! I would say Kenya needed to get something in writing before busting her hump, but okay. To me, this only goes to prove why friends and business don’t necessarily mix. 

Besides ending up in a derailed Donkey Booty workout video, Kenya and Phaedra have to see one another at Todd’s surprise birthday party. Kenya sees an opportunity to pester Todd about his conversations with Phaedra, which does not amuse Kandi. After all, she bothered to set up the whole shindig, fly out the guy’s mom, and rent a damn helicopter for him. Having Kenya ruin everything by yapping on and on about some stupid workout video is not okay with her. “No offense Kenya, love you to death, but this is his birthday, so I don’t really want to talk business right now,” Kandi says, though her face is saying, “Keep it up, Kenya, and I will cut you.” I do love Kandi, I have to admit. 

So, Kenya and Phaedra (one of her few friends) are on the outs, the Donkey Booty is on hold, and Kenya has served her purpose on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” — stirring up drama where really, there should be none. Now I just want to find out where she buys these $1,000 shoes. 

Do you think Phaedra is to blame for ruining the Donkey Booty deal, or Kenya? Would you buy a Donkey Booty work-out video? Are you enjoying NeNe’s Los Angeles adventure?  

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