The science you need to know for your Zombie Beer Apocalypse training

02.13.14 4 years ago

Science Channel

Wouldn’t it be cool if all those viral videos that suck up your time had an educational purpose? That’s the goal of “Outrageous Acts of Science” (returning for season 2 Sat. Feb. 15 at 10:00 p.m. on Science Channel). While they probably won’t find an educational component to all those cat videos you watch, at least this week’s episode will prepare you for the zombie apocalypse. You’re welcome.

In this clip, a man who makes weaponry specifically for customers hoping to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse (or, more likely, just like the idea of having a cool samurai sword branded with a Z) shows how his latest creation can slice through a row of full beer cans. Yes, the sword is sharp, but there’s a reason why it works. And that reason is science! Don’t try this at home, kids. 

Part Brian Games, part Tosh.O, each episode of “Outrageous Acts of Science” counts down the 20 best web videos testing the principles of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. From death-defying dives from the sky, to epic explosions that rock the desert, to full-sized cars performing perfect backflips …no experiment is too extreme. Or, apparently, dangerous. But it’s educational! 

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