‘The Simpsons’ boss worries Sunday’s major death may be overhyped: We never said we’re killing off an ‘iconic’ character

09.26.14 3 years ago


“The Simpsons” boss worries Sunday”s major death may be overhyped: We never said we”re killing off an “iconic” character
“I”ve done everything I can to temper any disappointment by saying that, although the press is claiming this is an ‘iconic” character, we never said that,” says executive producer Al Jean, in an interview with TVLine. “We just said it”s a ‘beloved” character. I think it may have become overhyped, though I”ve never heard the term ‘underhyped” before. Either way, it”s an emotional story, and it”s one we”re really proud of.” PLUS: What TV critics said of “The Simpsons” when it debuted, and how “The Simpsons” looks at night — illustrated.

“Family Guy”s” crossover with “The Simpsons” is alternately fascinating, frustrating, amusing and annoying
In other words, it”s your typical “Family Guy” episode.

“Family Guy” Season 13: Stewie will get pregnant with Brian”s baby
This season will also feature the return of Jesus, Peter fighting Liam Neeson and a “Bill and Ted”s Excellent Adventure”-style journey.

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Michelle Obama will appear on “The Chew”
The first lady will talk school nutrition on next Friday”s show.

Phil Keoghan and many parents are excited that “The Amazing Race” is now on Fridays
Keoghan says of Season 25: “We've heard a lot of parents say, 'Thank you so much,' because we don't  have to worry about football overruns anymore and keeping the kids up late. It's such a family show, and this will get rid of a lot of the arguments parents were having with kids about bedtime on Sundays.”

Ernie Hudson joins “Hot in Cleveland” and “Grace and Frankie”
The “Ghostbusters” alum will play Wendie Malick”s ex-husband on TV Land and Lily Tomlin”s love interest on Netflix.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will resolve 1 of its 3 cliffhangers with a velour sweat suit
Co-creator Dan Goor also says of the situation between Jake and Amy, “It gets juicier and messier and even more complicated than last year.” PLUS: How Melissa Fumero became “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”s” secret weapon, how Gina has grown as a character, and Chelsea Peretti talks being in front of the camera.

Why are Netflix and Amazon leading the way when it comes to transgender portrayals?
Is it because they are so new to television or is it due to them not actually being on TV?

“SNL”s” biggest box office stars: Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd and Robert Downey Jr. are Nos. 1, 2 and 3
Chris Rock is No. 7, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, above Will Ferrell (No. 8), Mike Meyers (No. 9) and Bill Hader (No. 11).

How to overcome an addiction to binge-watching
“One trick: Don't watch an episode to the end, because at that point, it's almost impossible to resist continuing to the next one,” says recovering binge-watcher Michael Hsu.

“Laguna Beach” turns 10
Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the MTV series that was inspired by “The O.C.” and which spawned “The Hills.” PLUS: “Laguna” wasn”t scripted, unlike “The Hills,” and see “Laguna” stars then and now.

“Revenge” is back for Season 4, but Emily VanCamp thinks Season 3 had the perfect series ender
“Last season's finale was one of my favorite episodes to date, and to me, that would have been an amazing series finale,” says VanCamp. “Because that's what it was all about for Emily: She accomplished what she set out to do. So this season has been very tricky to approach. Where is she at now?” PLUS: Can “Revenge” return to its roots?

Rutger Hauer joins “Galavant”
Hauer will play evil King Richard”s older brother, in a nod to his knight role in the 1969 series “Floris.”

The author of “Masters of Sex” was intent on his book becoming a movie – until he saw HBO”s “John Adams”
Thomas Maier was impressed with Michelle Ashford”s miniseries starring Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney. 'This was somebody who could really capture the very complicated, kinda fractured love story of Masters and Johnson,” he says.

5 things we can learn from “SNL”s” Lorne Michaels
A reading of “Saturday Night Live”s” oral history reveals these five leadership lessons: 1) Always leave room for spontaneity, 2) Don”t be afraid to say what needs to be said, 3) Don”t hold grudges, 4) Let the people under you know they matter, and 5) Nothing is more important than loyalty. PLUS: Here is the best sketch from each of the past 39 seasons, 40 facts for 40 seasons, how “SNL”s” pretaped sketches and Digital Shorts evolved, the story behind “SNL”s” most famous line, will Kyle Mooney become this season”s breakout star?, and James Franco”s “SNL” doc is now on Hulu.

Does The NY Times have a TV criticism problem?
In the wake of chief TV critic Alessandra Stanley”s “angry black woman” controversy, Buzzfeed explores why America”s national paper of record finds “find itself with the worst television criticism section of any mainstream, popular publication.”

“Bones” boss calls last night”s shocker an “unfortunate incident”
“Going in to Season 10, you really want to kick everything up a notch,” explains Stephen Nathan, who tells the real story of what happened. PLUS: “Bones” will never be the same.

“Outlander”s” Ron Moore doesn”t think about his female audience
“I mean, to be honest,” he says, “I don”t really think of it in those terms-I”ve had this question a few times. I just write for an audience. We have a fairly large female demographic, but we don”t talk in terms of 'the audience is female and you should think about it in those terms.' That's how I've approached the project since I read the book. It's just a big adventure story.”

Ted Danson on former “Cheers” co-star Woody Harrelson: “He”s still a TV actor”
The “CSI” star jokes to Letterman about watching Harrelson”s movies on a small black and white TV screen.

Ranking “Scandal”s” new Season 4 hairstyles
“Jake”s Beachy Chest Hair” is No. 1.

“Frozen” stunt should rekindle interest in “Once Upon a Time”
The crossover beginning Sunday is “a bit of a blast, and the visual effects are especially good,” says Brian Lowry.

“The Good Wife” is picking up where “The Wire” left off
Lemond Bishop from the CBS drama is what Stringer Bell might have become had he lived.

AMC”s “Turn” adds “Lost Girls” Ksenia Solo
She”ll play the wife of Benedict Arnold.

Clay Aiken enlists fellow “Idols” Ruben Studdard and Fantasia for his Congressional campaign
The winners of Seasons 2 and 3 will help out tonight at a campaign event.

A brief history of professional athletes on “Survivor”
From Ethan Zohn to Gary Hogeboom to John Rocker.

Watch “The Legend of Korra”s” final season trailer
This one covers Book 4.

“Shark Tank” returns
After five seasons, the show”s self-mythologizing is thickening, but why do producers continue using a Yahoo! e-mail account?

Lisa Ling debuts “This is Life” Sunday on CNN
The former “View” star will examine sugar daddies and their sugar babies.

“Transparent” projects an air of intimacy so shocking that it takes your breath away
That”s according to Andy Greenwald, who says of the Amazon series: “The story of Maura Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor), a seventy-something divorcée transitioning from male to female, and her three adult children, is boundary-pushing. But Transparent, in ways subtle and powerful, pushes past the complicated terrain of gender and, in so doing, obliterates the idea of boundaries altogether.” PLUS: It”s clearly the fall”s best new show, it is bittersweet and believable, its dialogues sounds both very authentic and very poetic and searching, “Transparent” was pitched to HBO – but it would”ve taken forever, and Jeffrey Tambor says: “I really got used to playing Maura.”

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