‘The Simpsons’ premiered 25 years ago today

12.17.14 3 years ago


“The Simpsons” premiered 25 years ago today
It was Dec. 17, 1989 that Fox introduced a standalone episode of “The Simpsons” for Christmas, the first of more than 560 episodes. “People go, “How long can it go?,” says “The Simpsons” boss Al Jean, who was a writer in the show's first season. “Well, people would have thought I was insane if I had said 25 years, but now 30 doesn't seem unreasonable, and even beyond.”

“SNL” promos: Taran Killam proposes to Amy Adams
Watch Adams pretend to be a One Direction superfan.

Seth Meyers interviews James Corden, his future 12:30 a.m. rival
“Late Night” guest Corden said Meyers was the first person to congratulate him when rumors first surfaced of him getting “The Late Late Show” gig.

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Watch “Parks and Rec”s” final season trailer – from the future!
“Get a glimpse of the future” in 2017.

Ellen surprises Conan”s audience by giving them Beats by Dre headphones
“Conan” spent Monday and Tuesday mocking Ellen”s show giveaways.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake return to Camp Winnipesaukee to sing Third Eye Blind
Watch them go back to the “90s to cover “Jumper.”

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