‘The Social Network’ scores best picture with LA Film Critics

12.12.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

The Los Angeles Film Critics announced their complete year end awards for 2010 today and, yet again, “The Social Network” won best picture. Not surprising, however, was the fact indie face “Carlos” was runner up.  

As always, however, the winners were an intriguing mix of commercial and not so much.  Here’s a rundown so far and some quick thoughts on each.

PICTURE: “The Social Network”
Runner-up: “Carlos”

Lowdown: Sigh.  Really LAFCA?  Way to jump on board the bandwagon.  “Network” is a fine movie, but it’s not that good.  Actually, don’t get me started…

DIRECTOR: Olivier Assayas, “Carlos,” and David Fincher, “The Social Network” (tie)

Lowdown: OK, I’m gonna say it:  “Wasn’t ‘Carlos’ made for television?”  Shouldn’t it be recognized as a televised work?  

ACTOR: Colin Firth, “The King’s Speech”
Runner-up: Edgar Ramirez, “Carlos”

Lowdown: Way to go Colin, although I thought Franco could win here.

ACTRESS: Kim Hye-ja, “Mother”
Runner-up:  Jennifer Lawrence, “Winter’s Bone”

Lowdown: That’s the LAFCA we known and love.  Let’s hope some peeps order “Mother” on Netflix tonight just to check it out.

Runner-up: “Mother”

Lowdown: At least they didn’t go for “Of Gods and Men”…

ANIMATION: “Toy Story 3”
Runner-up: “The Illusionist”

Lowdown: I know one critic very happy “Illusionist” made the top two.  Meanwhile, neither picture made my top 10 while another animated flick released this year did.

MUSIC/SCORE: Alexandre Desplat, “The Ghost Writer,” and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, “The Social Network” (tie)

Lowdown: Great nod to Desplat that his score wasn’t forgotten.  Would have loved that Daft Punk’s now underhyped “Tron Legacy” score got some love…
PRODUCTION DESIGN: Guy Hendrix Dyas, “Inception”
Runner-up: Eve Stewart, “The King”s Speech”

Lowdown: Dyas deserves this one all the way to Oscar.  Stewart’s runner up helps give “Speech” more breadth in its overall campaign.
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Matthew Libatique, “Black Swan”
Runner-up: Roger Deakins, “True Grit”

Lowdown: Can’t argue with either one, although the duo behind “127 Hours” wins my vote.
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Jacki Weaver, “Animal Kingdom”
    Runner-up: Olivia Williams, “The Ghost Writer”

Lowdown: Not really understanding this Weaver love. She’s good in “Kingdom,” but not this good.  Big kudos to the group for getting Williams in there too.
SUPPORTING ACTOR: Niels Arestrup, “A Prophet”
    Runner-up: Geoffrey Rush, “The King”s Speech”

Lowdown: This really comes down to the whole “what year do you qualify a movie in: the year you saw it or the year it was released in theaters?”  In my view, “Prophet” is a 2009 critic’s release, but can’t argue with the love.
SCREENPLAY: Aaron Sorkin, “The Social Network”
    Runner-up: David Seidler, “The King”s Speech”

Lowdown: Sorkin’s early win foreshadowed LAFCA rallying behind the Fincher drama.
    Runner-up: “Exit Through the Gift Shop”

Lowdown: Was this a breakthrough for the old guard in the group?  Would have bet “Gift Shop” if I could have.   

NEW GENERATION: Lena Dunham, “Tiny Furniture”

Lowdown: Good for Dunham.  Gets some recognition sorely missed at this years Gotham Awards.


LEGACY OF CINEMA AWARDS: Serge Bromberg, “Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno,” and the F.W. Murnau Foundation and Fernando Pena for the restoration of “Metropolis”


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