Members of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, The Strokes prep solo efforts

07.15.09 8 years ago


The Strokes founding member Julian Casablancas is prepping his first solo album, “Phrazes for the Young” (yes, you read that correctly; it’s no typo.)

Casablancas recorded the eight-song CD, slated to come out this fall on Cult Records/RCA, in L.A., N.Y. and Nebraska (what has Bright Eyes started?) with producers Jason Lader and Mike Mogis.  A tour will follow.

The Strokes, who caused all kinds of commotion when they emerged from the New York rock scene as some kind of saviors of garage rock. After its well-received debut, 2001’s “Is This It,” which NME named best album, the hoopla died down a little.  The band has been on an “unofficial hiatus” since 2006, although Casablancas told Rolling Stone earlier this year that he and guitarist Nick Valensi were writing material for a new Strokes album. That album would now seem to be taking a back seat to “Phrazes.”  

Casablancas is not the only one traveling solo. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah frontman Alec Ounsworth will also put out his own CD this fall. “Mo Beauty” comes out Oct. 20 on Anti- Records. Ounsworth recorded the CD in New Orleans with producer Steve Berlin.  One song, “Holy, Holy, Holy Moses,” was written specifically for the Crescent City, but we’re more intrigued by a song titled “When You’ve No Eyes.”  

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