Watch: The Strokes take you on tour in new ‘All The Time’ music video

03.15.13 5 years ago

“Who the hell are the Strokes?”  The New York band tries to answer that question posed in their video for the spiky, upbeat “All The Time.”

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Apparently, they are a fun-loving bunch who, in the words of Spinal Tap, are having a good time all the time…even though we know from the band”s somewhat fractured history that isn”t always true.

Whether it”s on stage, playing before adoring thousands, or just goofing around backstage, they are where the party is because they are the party.

The clip, which combines performance footage with behind-the-scenes video from over the years attempts to give an idea of what it”s like to be on the road with the band. Why is that Lou Reed on stage with them?  Yes, it is… The video shows the group playing various festivals and clubs  and hanging out in backstage areas the world over.  It”s a slightly bitter reminder that, according to Pitchfork, the band will not be touring again any time soon.
“All The Time” is on the group”s fifth studio album, “Comedown Machine,” which comes out March 26.

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