UPDATE: The Swell Season allude to hiatus, days after fan suicide

08.24.10 7 years ago

The Swell Season’s Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova may soon be going separate ways to pursue other musical projects, according to Spinner. Hansard is set to reunite with his band The Frames for some newly scheduled shows and likely an album, while Irglova will start on her first solo set.

The Academy Award-winning group has a few shows left to perform: two in South America at the end of this month and around a dozen in Europe in November. After that, there’s no telling what the band’s future holds.

“This band will eventually naturally end. But right now, all of us are just so grateful,” Hansard said. “The Swell Season will continue to do things. I just don’t know whether it’s… I don’t know in what context we’ll do it. The thing that this band has proven to me is that when you’re political, it doesn’t work. When you’re careerist about it, it doesn’t [work]. It just shines less.”

UPDATE: This interview was conducted nearly three weeks ago at the Newport Folk Festival, says Spinner, but was only published this week, only a few days after the Swell Season made headlines for a very different reason. As previously reported, a fan committed suicide by throwing himself from a ledge and landing on the stage near Hansard’s feet. The band’s future split in no way comes as consequence to the tragedy.

Irglova and Hansard were also previously romantically linked, after filmed “Once” together, but they split as a couple early last year. And it hasn’t kept Hansard from being her cheerleader: Irglova has recently performed a new piano ballad “Crossroads” while the band’s been on tour.

“I love the way she writes. I think she’s an incredible songwriter and I think she could make a really beautiful, beautiful record. I have no doubt, in fact. She could call it what she wants. She could call it ‘Marketa Irglova.’ She could call it something else. It doesn’t really matter. She’s writing great songs. I’m very, very proud of her.”

UPDATE: At the very least, Swell Season fans, have comfort. The band just released their take on Candi Staton’s “Young Heart’s Run Free” for a particular jeans brand’s Pioneer Sessions. Dirty Projectors and other did some covers, too.

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