The Ting Tings heading to ‘Nowheresville’ with second album

12.15.11 6 years ago

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British pop-rock duo The Ting Tings scored two major hits with the ubiquitous singles “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go”, both off their freshman LP “We Started Nothing” and both of which – while catchy enough on the first few listens – were also quickly played out thanks to being featured in a slew of TV shows, movies (“Name” most recently in this year’s “Horrible Bosses” ) and advertisements.

Unfortunately for the band, which is made up of Katie White and Jules de Martino, “Silence” and “Hang It Up” – the first two singles off their just-announced second album, “Sounds From Nowheresville” (dropping in the U.S. in March of next year) – haven’t yet caught on in quite the same way. Which is too bad, because both are actually quite good: “Hang It Up” in the instantly-catchy pop manner of “Name” and “Shut Up”; “Silence” (at least the “Bag Raiders Remix” they made a music video for) in a more forward-looking, shoegaze-y sort of way.

While “Hands”, another excellent Ting Tings single released in August of last year, will sadly not be featured on the upcoming album, based on the other two tracks I’ve heard so far “Nowheresville” could nevertheless prove to be worth the long waiting period fans have endured since “Nothing”‘s 2008 release.

Below you can check out the full tracklisting and cover art for “Sounds From Nowheresville”. Also, be sure to watch and read Katie Hasty’s thoughts on the “Hang It Up” music video here.

The official cover art for The Ting Tings'


“Hit Me Down Sonny”
“Hang It Up”
“Give It Back”
“Soul Killing”
“One By One”
“Day to Day”
“In Your Life”

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