Watch: The trailer for Sean Connery’s new movie is so freaking terrible

08.22.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Billi Productions

The first official trailer for Sir Sean Connery’s first movie in over a decade is…well, it’s pretty awful, you guys. Even worse, it is confusing as hell. To that last point, here are 11 questions I have about it:

1) What on earth is this movie even about, because I can’t tell?

2) Why does Voiceover Guy sound like he’s speaking into a table fan?

3) Shouldn’t the phrase “In the northwest coast of Scotland” actually be “On the northwest coast of Scotland” probably?

4) Why is Sir Billi so rough with his grandson?

5) If Sean Connery is from Scotland, why does his Scottish accent sound like a bad parody of a Scottish accent?

6) Why does Sir Billi use a skateboard to get around? Is this integral to the plot in some way?

7) When will the animation be finished?

8) Can goats actually swim and/or bungee jump?

9) How do you know Sir Billi is the kind of grandpa we all wish we had?

10) Who came up with this awesome logo?

The official logo for Sir Billi

11) When can I see this?

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