The Truth About Eminem And Bruno Revealed (NSFW Video)

06.01.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Tuesday June 2nd 2:00 AM update:

The posts referred to below are no longer online.  The original post was accurate as reported at 4:00 PM on Monday, June 1st.


Scott Aukerman is a very funny man. 

He happens to have a Twitter account, where he just posted this:

“RT @ScottAukerman: YES, the Bruno/Eminem thing was staged. For more: read my blog about the night.”

I can hear what you’re asking… how would he know? 

Well, he happened to be the chief architect of last night’s MTV Movie Awards.

And that happened to be the show where this happened:

[more after the jump]

Oh, my, that’s an unfortunate video freeze, isn’t it?

So by now, it’s the single most talked about thing of the day, and I’m sort of shocked by how much of the conversation has been of the “Was it real or staged?” variety, because rational thought of any caliber would seem to DEMAND that there be no speculation on the subject.

But as I said… in case anyone is actually still wondering, the aforementioned very funny man has decided to clear things up:

“Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged. That’s all anyone wants to talk about, so let’s get it out of the way. They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then. Okay, you can stop reading this blog now!”

I would advise you to actually read further if you want to get a smart and honest look at the way it works when you put one of those events together.  I may not like the culture of awards shows in general (and I’m well aware it makes me seem joyless and grumpy and whatever… I just can’t help it at this point), but I certainly respect that a lot of very funny and very talented people exert a lot of energy putting these shows together all year long.  And there’s obviously an audience watching based on the reaction to last night.

I especially liked the look at the way a Paul Rudd bit almost happened.  And I agree with Scott at the end of the piece… if they are going to have this team back next year, make sure it’s the whole team, because it sounds like the collaboration is what made it the show it was.

And if you’re still wondering, then just wait till you see Eminem’s work in Judd Apatow’s “Funny People.”  Em’s gotta beef with everyone… even Ray Romano.  And it’s a scientific fact that everyone loves him.  I think it’s funny that Eminem is obviously roasting his own image as a hothead and a homophobe this summer, and it suggests that those were affectations that he’s been able to set aside.  I didn’t rush out to buy his new CD, but I do think he’s as meta-text about his media as Sacha Baron Cohen is about his.  Interesting collision, and I’ll say this much… this is the most ink I’ve given any awards show moment in years, so that’s saying something.  Fake or not.

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