‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’

11.13.14 3 years ago


Does anyone else out there need a glass or two of Chardonnay after Thursday night”s reference-filled episode of “The Vampire Diaries?” Or while we”re at it, anyone else itching to rewatch “10 Things I Hate About You” or “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?”

The Damon-Elena romance rekindling was officially on in “Do You Remember the First Time,” although as we all knew it would be, it was pretty one-sided. Elena could only think of all the hurt and pain that Damon had caused over the years, and hearing Alaric list off the offenses to his best pal in a subsequent scene was a great reminder for viewers too. Listening to the romantic tale in that way, it is pretty crazy to think the writers were able to bring viewers to the “Delana” point over the years; here”s hoping that now that we”ve established a backbone over the seasons, this is a much quicker burn. Or that Elena somehow gets her memories back, in a way that doesn”t involve killing the now-human Alaric.

I think we can all agree the Elena character is way more fun when she”s being free and reckless with Damon anyhow. Which is why I don”t really buy that he”s actually letting her go. For now he is, sure, but the girl”s trying to actually get her memories back and not just continuing that charade with Liam. Damon will come back soon enough. After lots of scotch drinking, bro-talks with Alaric and attempts to find Bonnie, at least.

In terms of the other slow-burn romance, the one between Stefan and Caroline, well we didn”t get much traction there, either. Thanks to Enzo, Stefan now knows about Caroline”s true feelings, but it will probably take some time before he decides how he feels about them. I do doubt that it will be a situation of “never speaking of this again” the way Care spat out that it should be though. There”s way more story between those two, but they”ve got to get the base of their friendship back first. Let”s just look at this as a first step. Especially after that hospital scene when they finally talked out all of their feels.

Over in the otherworld, we learned that Bonnie is indeed alive and still hell bent on not letting Kai return home. We all know that”s going to happen eventually though, especially now that we”ve gotten the big old hint (well actually confession) that Jo is the one sister Kai left after killing everyone else in his coven. Wonder what that reunion is going to look like? However it goes down, it”s bound to bring Jo”s renounced powers back, and we”ll see who better at the witchy stuff: her or Bonnie.

The vamps could definitely used a skilled witch at this point, especially given how many times the accidentally crossed the border back into Mystic Falls. Now that Tripp is officially dead (he is officially dead, right?) that just leaves his leaderless pack of vampire hunters to run amok. Something tells me Matt is going to try and bridge that gap though, especially given how adamant he was that Tripp not be killed. Maybe there”s a way the good vampires and the hunters can just work together to kill all the bad dudes? Who knows, but I wouldn”t put it past Matty to try.

As for Tyler and Jeremy-two of the season”s most underused players to date-they continued to be pretty much absent on Thursday night. While we spent time realizing that Tyler makes for a terrible server who just narrowly avoided invoking that werewolf curse thanks to his new gal pal, Jeremy was completely MIA. Given his broody moods as of late though, I”m pretty much OK with that.

What about you? Digging the romantic re-imaginings between Damon and Elena? Think Liam will find out the truth? Rooting for Stefan and Caroline? Thinking of buying a replica Mr. Cuddles doll? Sound off below.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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