‘The Walking Dead’ coming out with a credit card

06.13.13 4 years ago

“The Walking Dead” coming out with a credit card
Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics imprint is releasing three different prepaid Visa debit card featuring Rick Grimes.

James Carville campaigns for “Portlandia”
“Put an Emmy on it,” the election guru says in an Emmy campaign ad.

Did a restaurant chain create its own Ron Swanson?

O’Charley’s new pitchman has a mustache and goes by the name “Brock Roland.”

Watch Sarah Silverman go on a drive and get coffee with Jerry Seinfeld
It’s the Season 2 premiere of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” PLUS: Some conversations lasted 2 to 3 hours.

Amy Poehler to receive the Best Comedy Person Award
Just For Laughs is honoring Poehler, her significant other Nick Kroll, as well as Mitch Hurwitz.

Donald Trump tries watching “Modern Family,” calls it “boring”
The Donald has been engaged in a Twitter feud with “Modern Family” writer Danny Zuker.

Josh Groban signs on for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
The singer will play himself in an episode titled, “The Gang Saves the Day.”

Why doesn’t John Oliver’s “Daily Show” try being more weird?
“The Daily Show” doesn’t need fixing, says James Poniewozik, but “It’s summer-why not make it a little weirder?”

George Takei’s Facebook joke-writer apologizes

Rick Polito says: “I”ve had no direct contact with George. I’ve sent him some memes, as have other comedian types and I was happy for the exposure.”

Play the “Arrested Development” fighting video game
Introducing “Bluth Fighter.”

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