‘The Walking Dead’ removed [REDACTED] from the credits…BUT!

11.02.15 2 years ago

Last night”s episode of “The Walking Dead” was a really good episode that happened at a really inopportune time. After last week”s double cliffhanger ending, fans were hoping for some resolution…or at least a continuation of that storyline.


But that was not to be. Instead of following the group dealing with the Horde, we bounced back to Alexandria to get Morgan”s origin story. This follows the pattern for the season – an episode inside the walls, then outside, then repeat – but now it looks like it”ll be weeks until the fallout damage from Nicholas”s final act is revealed.

That doesn”t stop “The Walking Dead” from messing with our minds though! Since Season 3, Steven Yeun”s name has appeared alongside a pocket watch. Until now. Yeun was conspicuously missing from last night”s opening credits. The pocket watch remained in silent vigil over a blank screen.

Image Credit: AMC

Fans immediately – and rightfully – thought the worst. The removal of Yeun from the credits must mean Glenn truly is dead. Except…there have been no interviews with Yeun about his time on “The Walking Dead” and how he”ll miss the cast and crew. “The Talking Dead” refused to add Glenn to their weekly post-mortem reel. And most interesting? Yeun”s IMDB page:

So who is lying? IMDB or “The Walking Dead” showrunners? Both? Neither? Will Maggie snap under the pressure of losing everyone she loves and put Zombie!Glenn in an Alexandrian basement à la the Governor? If the teaser for the next episode is any indication, fans will have to wait AT LEAST two weeks to find out for sure.

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