‘The Wedding Ringer’ Trailer: Kevin Hart is Your Best Man

06.19.14 4 years ago

Josh Gad needs a best man for his nuptials in the upcoming comedy “The Wedding Ringer,” so what does he do? Enlist the help of slickster Kevin Hart, who takes over BFF responsibilities and sets Gad up with a bunch of groomsmen. Flawless plan, no? Utterly perfect, right? What? You have DOUBTS about this? For shame!

“The Wedding Ringer” seems like a version of “Hitch” for the TLC Network. Inoffensive bromantic fun. I feel like Kevin Hart will keep racking up huge movie roles; his confidence is pretty electric and, even if his humor is not your cup of tea, you can't really look away from his antics. It's a credit to him that I'll see this movie even though “The Wedding Ringer” looks a typo of the only worthwhile Sandler/Barrymore comedy.

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