The world will know her name because the ‘Jessica Jones’ trailer is finally here

Deputy Entertainment Editor

We”ve been patiently waiting – okay maybe patiently is relevant – for Marvel and Netflix to drop the the trailer for “Jessica Jones.” At first fans thought it might premiere at San Diego Comic-Con. When that didn”t happen, we pinned our hopes on D23. When THAT didn”t happen, we resigned ourselves to wait for New York Comic-Con.

But it turns out the October pop culture convention would be too close to the premiere date! So here it is, the official trailer for Marvel”s “Jessica Jones”!

While the art style has the same feel as sister show “Daredevil” – from the dreamy, rain slick city to the the gritty feel of ‘street level” superheroing – “Jessica Jones” has its own flavor. A little bit of “Doctor Who” opening credits mixed with the melancholy determination of a woman carving her own niche in the world

All episodes will be available on November 20, 2015 on Netflix. It can”t get here soon enough!

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