‘Breaking a Monster’: The world’s unlikeliest heavy metal band gets their close-up

06.03.16 2 years ago

Needless to say, Unlocking the Truth isn't your typical heavy metal band. Consisting of three black teenagers from Brooklyn, the group broke through thanks to YouTube — that great 21st century star-maker that gave rise to no less a pop sensation than Justin Bieber — where videos of the trio's impressive performances in Times Square went viral.

Whether Malcolm Brickhouse (guitar/vocals), Jarad Dawkins (drums) and Alec Atkins (bass) can successfully ride the fame-wave that has had them open for groups as iconic as Metallica, Guns 'n' Roses and Marilyn Manson is the question at the heart of Breaking a Monster, a new documentary that charts the unlikely stars' precocious breakthrough into the industry (they signed a $1.8 million, five album deal with Sony Music Entertainment before negotiating their release from the contract last year) and the inevitable pitfalls that arise from it.

The Luke Meyer-directed docu looks like a pretty intriguing watch based on this first trailer, which sets up the band's humble origins and sudden entry into an industry that no one, least of all teenagers, could ever adequately prepare themselves for.

Breaking a Monster hits select theaters on June 24.

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