New ‘Arrow’ Season 2 posters may cause extreme body insecurity, horniness

09.16.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

The CW

Photoshopped or not Photoshopped, the cast members of “Arrow” all have way better bodies than you do (probably), and to prove it the CW has put out a series of blatantly homoerotic character posters for the new season that are clearly designed to cause one or more of the following symptoms in those viewing them:

1. Severe body anxiety, accompanied by crushing loss of self-esteem

Arrow Season 2 poster featuring Manu Bennett 

2. General horniness

Arrow Season 2 poster featuring David Ramsey

3. Nipple-play fantasies involving Stephen Amell

Arrow Season 2 poster featuring Stephen Amell

4. Accelerated desire to visit a tanning salon and/or work out and/or Photoshop your face onto Colton Haynes’ body

Arrow Season 2 poster featuring Colton Haynes

5. A sudden and inexplicable urge to watch “Arrow”

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