This ‘Breaking Bad’ Haircut Is As Close As You’ll Get To Being Heisenberg

07.11.14 4 years ago

'Breaking Bad' might be over but that doesn't mean your dream of being Walter White has to die. But instead of making Blue Sky Cupcakes, have you considered turning your noggin' into a shrine to everyone's favorite cancer patient turned drug dealer? If so, Rob The Original can hook you up. The irony of course being you have to have hair to become Heisenberg.

The Los Angeles native moved to San Antonio, he combined his background as an artist with his skill as a barber to create some mind-bogglingly detailed hair art. Check out the finished design below!

BONUS! Since it is now painfully obvious that 'Breaking Bad' is merely a superb prequel to 'The Walking Dead,' I'd be remiss not to show off Rob's take on the AMC walkers. Of course, in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse, this customer would be at risk from both trigger happy zombie hunters and the living dead…depending on which side they approached him from.

You can head over to Rob's Instagram for even more examples…from Tetris to Edward Scissorhands and everything in between!

[Via The Laughing Squid]

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