This ‘Ghostbusters’-‘Return of the Jedi’ mashup is the perfect viral video

06.21.16 1 year ago

Every once in awhile the perfect viral video rears its glorious head, and today we've got the newest addition to that esteemed canon: this deliriously perfect Ghostbusters-Return of the Jedi mashup by YouTuber Mike Phirman. What would happen if Luke Skywalker encountered the wisecracking supernatural exterminators? It's a straightforward premise that works extraordinarily well, and it's bound to make more than a few viewers ask themselves the oft-echoed question: why didn't I think of that? But the truth is, making a seemingly-easy connection between two distinct entities like this takes a special kind of brain, and Mike Phirman is clearly a genius in the art of the mashup.


[via A.V. Club]

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