This kettle looks just like Hitler

05.28.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Well, well, if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle a Nazi. If you’re a Los Angeles native like I am, you know that Culver City is totally the Berlin of California (which makes local Sony Studios the Reichstag). So I guess it’s only fitting that the town is home to an enormous billboard that displays subliminal Nazi propaganda to all who are stuck in traffic on the 405. Oh, you think this is merely an ad for an innocuous tea kettle sold only at JCPenney? No, no, it is actually Hitler, and he’s heiling you.

The teapot was created by designer Michael Graves, which is an appropriately morbid name. What, Michael Mass-Graves wasn’t available, JCPenney? The photo was originally posted on Reddit, where all sorts of conspiracy theories are hatching around the image. My two cents? The kettle is simply meant to appeal to the those who are fascist about the particulars of their tea.

Anyone care to chime in?

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